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Saga Travel Insurance is tailored for the 50 and up demographic, and their wide-ranging coverage includes a whole lot. You get coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, up to 10 million for emergency medical coverage, up to 5,000 for coverage per person per trip for cancellation because of severe weather, airline bankruptcy, or strikes, up to 2,500 for damaged, stolen, or lost baggage so you’re not left out to dry, a 24-hour English-speaking helpline to help you with advice before you leave and while you’re away. And, there’s no upper age limit, but a minimum premium does apply.

Why Should You Pick Saga Travel Insurance?

When you’re choosing what kind of travel insurance policy to get, it is crucial to ponder the different aspects to make sure that the coverage fully suits your needs. You need to also consider levels of coverage, coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, quality service level, and price. There are a number of things that make it clear why you need to pick Saga when you are going to get a travel insurance package.

Saga Travel Insurance offers one of the best plans out there, as confirmed by the 5-star rating from Defaqto. There is coverage for most major pre-existing medical conditions, there is no age limit threshold, and they also offer several different perks that you won’t find anywhere else.

Features You Might Not See Anywhere Else Other Than Saga Travel Insurance

There is no age limit ceiling - so no matter how old you are, you can get coverage. There is a choice to safeguard your friends and family of any age group, even when they travel and you’re not with them, there is coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, and there is automatic coverage for more than 40 common leisure sports, with protection that’s optional for winter sports, scuba diving, and golf.

24/7 Medical Support

If you have coverage with Saga Travel Insurance, and you become injured or ill throughout your trip, here is a selection of a few of the things they’ll pay for. They’ll pay for hospital benefits towards incidental expenses for each day you’re in the hospital, the price of getting you back to the United Kingdom if you can’t use your return ticket, rescue services to take you to the hospital, and medical treatment.

Saga Travel Customer Support Line

If you have Saga Travel Insurance coverage, a travel helpline service is there to offer you assistance and offer 24-hour global support, including the following: how to make replacements for stolen or lost passports, air tickets, driver’s licenses, or other documents, how to find your baggage if it is delayed or lost, how to contact local consulates or embassies, how to move cash, and an interpretation and translation service should you require it.

Saga Travel Insurance offers single and annual multi-trip policies that can take care of you, no matter what way you travel. If you’re not absolutely sure about how you’ll be traveling in the new year, then contact customer service to walk you through which package is better for you.

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