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Go Travel Insurance lets you purchase travel insurance securely and quickly. They are dedicated to delivering a high-quality insurance product at an affordable price.

Their suite of products includes backpacker, annual multi-trip, single trip, and winter sports insurance – including snowboard and ski cover – is also for sale too, as well as coverage for cruise holidays and golf.

They listen to their customers and always strive to add to all aspects of their service.

They also have an excellent customer service policy. They always strive to be professional and friendly to their customers. They listen and respond to all complaints and suggestions, and they are proud to say, that over the years, they have gotten positive endorsements from returning and new customers.

They make lots of promises to their customers like answering all telephone calls during office hours in less than a minute, answering all correspondence within five working days, having all enquiries dealt with by a professional, trained staff, that their Global Response team will offer worldwide medical emergency assistance 24/7/365, that they will offer a full premium refund if the policy doesn’t meet your needs, and that they will look into every complaint thoroughly. Go Travel Insurance really cares about their customers, and they make every effort to show that, including offering a lengthy promise of service on their website.

Regulations and standards

Go Travel Insurance is dedicated to offering a professional service at the highest possible level. The company is a part of Drakefield Insurance Services Limited, and the Financial Services Authority regulates their company.

Single Trip Coverage

If you’re looking for extremely cheap single trip travel insurance, Go Travel Insurance offers you some excellent benefits like children being able to go for free, medical expense coverage, curtailment and cancellation coverage, and 24-hour medical emergency assistance if you ever run into a problem.

Annual Multi-trip Coverage

If you’re a traveler who goes places frequently, the Go Travel Insurance can help you. The annual multi-trip policy lets you travel as many times as you want to in a year period, so long as any one trip doesn’t last longer than 31 days. There is generous medical expense coverage, curtailment and cancellation coverage, and 24-hour emergency assistance if you ever get seriously injured or fall ill.

Backpacker Travel Coverage

The further you travel around the world, the more you have a need for dependable travel insurance. Go Travel’s Backpacker Insurance is perfect for anyone who is taking a long trip or an extended holiday around the world. You can even return home up to three times throughout your trip without losing the coverage. It also covers fruit picking, bar work, and other menial jobs while you’re travelling abroad. Like all Go Travel Insurance packages, it offers 24-hour medical emergency assistance if you fall ill or get seriously injured.

Winter Sports Travel Coverage

Whether you like snowboarding or skiing, if you’re an experienced skier or you’re new to the slopes, Go Travel Insurance can offer you the right level of travel insurance coverage.

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