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Essential Travel Insurance has an excellent, modern website set up to give you a travel insurance quote in a dynamic way. All you have to do is use the handy blue area on the homepage to get a quote online, instantly. It is a unique function that lets you select your trip type, destination, the start date of the trip, the end date of the trip, number of travelers, and whether or not you want sports coverage. Then, you just click the “Get a Quote” button, and you’re ready to go. Look, Essential Travel Insurance really is essential, at least for the traveler who is not technically savvy or doesn’t want to think a whole lot about their travel insurance plan. It is quick & simple to book, lets you book in the UK, in Europe, or anywhere around the globe, offers you the choice between single, annual, or backpacker cover, gives you the option to tack on more specialist coverage, and even lets you do an Internet medical screening. It’s all extremely nifty, and it’s packaged in a nice, all-in-one, comprehensive homepage presentation.
What Kind Of Essential Travel Insurance Package Do You Need?

Single Trip Travel Insurance covers you for one trip of up to almost three months, and it’s the ideal choice for one-time holidays or weekend getaways.

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance gives you great coverage for an unlimited amount of trips for a one-year period, but each trip can only consist of a maximum 45-day duration. This option is best if you travel very frequently because it can work out to a cheaper price than buying many different single trip policies. So, think about what kind of travelling you are going to be doing throughout the year, and then decide if you’d like to save money

Backpacker Travel Insurance guards you for up to two years of ongoing travel, and it’s crafted specifically for people on career breaks, those travelling the world for fun, and people on gap years. It also has the additional benefit of covering volunteer and work activities.

What Does An Essential Travel Insurance Plan Include?

Medical Emergencies

Getting coverage for medical emergencies is probably the single most important part of your policy. Unlike the United Kingdom, most countries around the world don’t have free healthcare, so you could be in a position where you’re looking at a huge medical bill running up into the thousands of dollars if you get sick or have an accident when you’re travelling. Don’t forget how high medical bills can be in foreign countries. You won’t to concentrate on getting better, and not worrying about whether or not you can pay for the treatment.

Stolen or Lost Possessions

You may not be travelling with a ton of things, but the things you do have will certainly be essential to your trip. For example, you could lose your money, tablet, iPhone, or passport. These things are essential to your life. Having these things get stolen would not only be frustrating, but it could make a dent in your budget if you have to replace your goods.


If you need to cut down on your trip time for any reason, a coverage package can help you get back the money you’ve already put into your trip.

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