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About the Company

Coverwise is an international insurance intermediary. They are authorized to distribute basic insurance products throughout the E.U. The company appreciates the importance of having the ability to get insurance that safeguards you against circumstances or events that are unforeseen at a price that is affordable. Their goal is to offer products that meet your needs and to offer you high levels of customer support and service in the event that you have to make a claim or need emergency assistance. The company supports traditional values, treats people as they would want to be treated, and recognizes that you have a choice in the company you choose to buy insurance from. The company believes that fulfilling their insurance coverage promise is fundamental. They aim to be recognized as honest, efficient, quick, and reliable experts in their field.

Travel insurance quotes are available online or through the call centre. If you have any questions whatsoever, you can call up and get the prompt answers you need. Then, you can make a wise purchasing decision for single trip travel insurance, ski insurance, or annual holiday insurance.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

With single trip travel insurance prices starting at just £2.87, how can you say no? Anything can happen, even on the shortest of trips, from suffering from an accident, to falling ill, to losing your luggage, to having to cancel your holiday altogether. It can be tough with anything of that sort happens. It can be worse when you haven’t purchased travel insurance coverage to back you up and provide for your expenses when something of that sort occurs, something accidentally unfortunate.

Whether you need a single trip, specialized winter sports package, or annual multi-trip policy, Coverwise has the policy for you. The single trip insurance policies are available in several levels of cover – Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Standard. You can choose the policy that suits your budget and requirements.

The coverage includes trip cancellation cover, trip curtailment cover, 24/7 medical assistance, and between £10 million and £15 million for emergency medical expenses cover.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you travel frequently, then you get exposed to a whole wide range of risks. There are lost baggage situations, illnesses, loss of documentation, accidents, or flight cancellations that can make your life horrendous when you’re traveling. The more you travel, the higher risk you run of something going wrong.
?Coverwise offers you affordable solutions for 100% of your travel insurance needs. Annual multi-trip policies offer a lot of benefits like trip cancellation or curtailment coverage, emergency medical expense coverage, coverage for stolen or lost baggage, coverage for cash and personal money, personal accident coverage, and legal expense coverage. They also offer 24/7 emergency medical assistance.

Business Tavel Insurance

Business travel insurance offers coverage for emergency medical expenses and trip cancellation as standard, and it can include coverage for replacement employee and business samples as well.

Make the wise decision, and get coverage from Coverwise. They’re one of the leading travel insurance sellers in the UK.

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