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About Columbus Direct

Columbus Direct is one of the top travel insurance specialists in the world, and they were set up in 1988. It is a company with a rich history of innovation in the industry, and they were the original company to sell travel insurance directly to the consumer in the UK, and they were the first company to sell it online too. Quality and customer satisfaction are the main forces behind Columbus Direct, and they are proud of the fact that they provide a hassle-free and efficient service. They have covered more than 15 million people since 1988, and the customer surveys clearly show that more than 95% of people could recommend the service to their friends. Columbus Direct has also won a lot of awards. Arranging travel insurance through Columbus Direct is a surefire thing.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Columbus Direct offers you great value coverage for one-time trips and vacations. There’s a number of products available so you can purchase the travel insurance coverage you need, and never purchase what you don’t. Just choose your country of residence, policy type, whether or not you’re going to more than one country, and the destination country from the nifty search feature. Coverage starts from £2.59.

Annual Trip Travel Insurance

You can get annual travel insurance that gives you coverage for the entire year. You can travel as much as you want, but each trip must begin and end in the UK, and you can pick the maximum time span of the trips – either 31, 45, or 60 days. There are even family annual policies that offer free coverage for children. Coverage starts from £22.50.

Business Travel Insurance

This kind of travel insurance offers you specialist business coverage for when you’re working abroad, with additional benefits. If you travel on a regular basis, then Columbus has the right travel insurance policy for you. It is available as an annual coverage package only, and the policy will cover you for certain business equipment like laptops, as well as letting you send a substitute business partner to an overseas conference if you cannot make for the reasons that your policy outlines. Furthermore, the Platinum policy gives you access to more than 600 airport VIP lounges, and you can get a FREE Priority Pass membership too.

Adventure Travel Insurance

Adventure travel insurance offers you the ability to get insurance coverage for more than just lazing around on the beach during your holiday. You will be covered automatically for several activities and sports, all of which will be outlined on your policy document. You can even add additional activities and sports by talking to a customer service representative.

Over 64 Travel Insurance

There is an age limit of 85 on travel insurance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get coverage if you’re over 64. Finding coverage when you’re over 64 can be hard, but Columbus makes it easy.

There’s More As Well

Columbus Direct also offers backpacker travel insurance, ski travel insurance, pre existing medical insurance, and ash cloud travel insurance.

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