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Benefits Alliance Travel Insurance

BT is one of the largest communications services corporations in the world, and they serve needs of consumers in the UK and over 170 countries around the globe. Their primary activities are providing TV, mobile, broadband, and fixed-line services as well as networked IT services.

BT is the oldest communications company in the world, and they have a direct line of descent from the very first international telecommunications undertaking. It was associated with the Electric Telegraph Company early on. It was a part of the very first undertaking in 1846 to build out a communications network nationwide. Within ten years, an international network had been developed, making communications a reality within a couple of minutes instead of a couple of days or weeks.

If you move forward to today, technology is much more important to BT’s business than ever before, because it builds on the foundation of the digital era to develop the information age.

As the protector of the UK’s telecommunications legacy, they recognize and attach a lot of importance and value to their rich and long heritage. They have a Heritage Policy shows, in great detail, how they engage in the long-time preservation of this national heritage while offering access to the widest audience possible.

Benefits Alliance Travel Insurance

Whether it’s a winter ski vacation or a beach holiday, Benefits Alliance gives you a great choice and a great value for your money. They offer excellent travel insurance products at the right prices to shareholders of BT and their families.

Their comprehensive coverage gives you up to £10 million in medical assistance and medical care, £5,000 worth of coverage for cancellation, and £2,500 as well as the following features:

•    Choices of either annual multi-trip or single trip policies
•    Emergency assistance offered 24/7 year-round through a number of call centers in the UK
•    Independent travel for families and couples taking annual multi-trip coverage
•    Replacement of stolen or lost travel documents and money
•    Family policies for grandparents and their grandchildren
•    Gadgets and technology get automatic coverage
•    Options for golf coverage and winter sports

How do you take advantage of this offer?

Just go to the website or call the company at 0845 218 7171 and mention the word BTSO for your 10% discount.

How Can BT Offer Benefits Alliance Travel Insurance With Such Great Features?

BT is a company with a rich heritage, long history, and lots of resources. They’re able to offer such great deals because they have the deep pockets and the cash resources to offer great travel insurance packages whereas other smaller companies can’t. If you’re serious about getting travel insurance from a company with a great reputation, a company you can trust, then look no further than BT. BT has a long history of success as a company, and you can count on them for travel insurance coverage. If you were to purchase a travel insurance package at another company, even at slightly better rates, you wouldn’t have the full security and peace of mind that comes with a great company like BT.

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