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Aviva Travel Insurance

When you buy travel insurance straight from Aviva, you can save up to 20% when you purchase online.

You can pick from a single trip travel insurance plan for one-time holidays or an annual multi-trip plan if you are going to be travelling on a regular basis. Aviva has travel insurance plans that offer you a wide range of basic coverage packages with the option to add in extras like winter sports coverage.

Let’s look at a summary of what comes included to help you decide between travel insurance coverage.

•    Up to nine people get coverage – perfect for family travel insurance
•    Abandonment or cancellation of your vacation – up to 5,000 for each individual
•    Emergency medical coverage – up to £10 million
•    Skipped international departures – up to £1,000
•    Substitution for essential items if the baggage is delayed longer than 12 hours – up to £150.

There is a 24-hour helpline with an experienced crew on hand to help you with the following:

•    Medical emergencies that place around the world
•    Replacement of stolen or lost travel documents
•    Finding delayed or lost luggage

They’ll handle your claim fairly and quickly. They’ll pay the hospital fees directly if they can so that you can get the treatment you require without needing to worry about how you’re going to pay the medical bills.

Direct Travel Insurance

You can buy travel insurance directly from them on the Internet, and you can save up to 20%.

You can declare any medical illness without having to call them and get an instant Internet decision on whether or not your illness is covered.

You’ll get your documents through a secure e-mail so you can look at them wherever you are around the globe.

What is Aviva Annual Multi-trip and Single Trip Travel Insurance?

The Aviva travel insurance policies are designed to meet the costs that could arise in the course of your travels. Some of the coverage is summarized as optional, and it will be clearly indicated when you are purchasing your policy.

What Are The Major Benefits And Features Of The Entire Travel Insurance Policy?

Aviva Travel Insurance offers you two primary travel insurance packages to choose from: Annual Multi-trip or Single Trip. Te kind of policy and the geographical areas of coverage which you have chosen are illustrated on the policy schedule.

All vacations that begin and end in the UK and don’t last any longer than the duration shown on the schedule are covered. Optional coverage for business trips, business trips that entail office-based administrative or clerical duties is available.

24-hour worldwide medical emergency service assistance will offer instant help with any medical emergency situation that you find yourself involved in when you are on a vacation.

The travel insurance packages provide coverage for holiday disruption, abandonment, personal accident, personal liability, delayed departure, and dozens of other things that can interfere with your trip, or happen to you while you’re on your trip. Coverage for travelling is essential because a lot of things can happen to you while you’re traveling that you won’t expect.

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