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About Avanti

Avanti always aims to put the customer first, and they have helped more than 100,000 customers find the best travel insurance policy at the right price. Avanti has won two awards for outstanding customer service in the travel insurance business. They were the recipients of both the Essex Business Excellence and Mid Essex Business Awards in 2013. They were rewarded because of the outstanding level of care and sensitivity that they take toward customer service and providing insurance policies that are the best fit for the customer seeking it out. Avanti was founded in 1996, and they are highly well-respected in the insurance industry. They have an array of travel insurance packages available. Avanti offers single trip, annual multi-trip, winter sports, cruise, over 50s, business, long stay, family, and adventure sports travel insurance.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip policies offer you a number of different holidays like sporting trips, adventure holidays, cruises, and golf trips. You just pay for the coverage you need. For example, if you aren’t taking any luggage, then you won’t have to pay for baggage coverage on your policy. Some of the perks of single trip travel insurance include 24 hour medical emergency assistance, medical coverage up to £10 million, cancellation coverage up to £10,000, personal belonging coverage up to £5,000, and the fact that children and grandchildren under the age of 18 are insured for free.

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance

The annual multi-trip package is very convenient, and it lets you take an unlimited number of trips in a 12-month period. The annual multi-trip coverage covers travelers of any age for European trips, and it covers persons up to 75 years old worldwide, but the trips have a maximum time span of 31 days. For a slight boost in premium, an extension to 45 or 60 days is on the table for persons up to 70 years old.

The annual policy gives a lot of peace of mind because you know that you have coverage throughout the whole year. You will be covered for the weekends you take off from work, summer holidays, last-minute or unexpected emergency trips, or whenever else you want to travel. You’ll have to pay for the coverage that you need too. For example, if you aren’t taking luggage, then you won’t need to pay for baggage coverage to be included on the policy you have.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance

Winter travel insurance is a total, bespoke package which takes care of items like ski passes and equipment, and it also covers piste closure and avalanche occurrences.

Cruise Travel Insurance

If you ever book a trip, then holiday insurance should be a critical part of the booking process. This is uniquely true with cruise holidays, with some cruise operators making travel insurance a necessity. The majority of cruise operators will recommend that travel insurance is taken out before deparature.

Other Kinds of Travel Insurance Packages

Avanti also offers Over 50s Travel Insurance, Business Travel Insurance, Long Stay Travel Insurance, Family Travel Insurance, and Adventure Sports Travel Insurance.

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