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Atlas Travel Insurance - Get best Travel insurance from Atlas
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Atlas Travel Insurance

Atlas Travel Insurance offers you international travel medical insurance for durations of travel between five days and 364 days. Usually, the main insurance you depend upon in your home country won’t cover you while you are travelling. The Atlas Travel Series is offered by HCC Medical Insurance Services. This is one the leading insurance products in the international industry, and it can protect you while you’re traveling outside of your native country.

Main Advantages Of Atlas Travel Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance

Atlas Travel Insurance offers you guaranteed acceptance, and there is no medical underwriting needed for individuals who are eligible. You can check out the coverage description for full eligibility.

Pre-existing Condition Coverage

Atlas Travel Series offers partial coverage for pre-existing conditions. It offers you up to $100,000 of lifetime coverage for medical expenses that are eligible when it comes to the acute onset of a pre-existing condition.

100% Coverage For Accidents And Injuries Inside Of The U.S. (And Outside The U.S. Too)

They will pay 100% of eligible medical expenses once the deductible is paid, up to the total maximum limit of the policy. You can look at the coverage description for more details. You can also get coverage for expenses within the PPO Network.

Sports Coverage With No Additional Fee

There is coverage eligible illnesses or injuries from sports activities. You can check out the coverage description for a listing of the limitations.

Emergency Medical Evacuations All Year

The company offers half a million dollars in coverage no matter what the policy maximum is.

Instantaneous Internet Enrollment Capabilities & Immediate Gratification

If you select “Yes” to Internet fulfillment when buying, it will ensure your plan information will be available for printing as soon as your credit card has been processed and your application has gone through.

Do You Really Need Travel Medical Insurance?

A lot of times, the main medical insurance in your home country won’t cover you while you’re out travelling, and they often won’t provide crucial services, sometimes essential services, in the event of an injury or illness. Atlas Travel has these essential services like translation assistance while you’re being treated, hospital and doctor referrals, and help with replacing lost prescriptions.

HCCMIS offers you 24/7 service if you’re an Atlas Travel insurance member. They also offer many separate types of travel assistance services like arrangements for emergency travel. If there natural disasters, political evacuations, or medical emergencies, they will offer you help in making arrangements for emergency travel.

What Are The Benefits Of An Atlas Travel Insurance Plan?

You can pick what deductible amount you pay – from $0 to $2,500. Your hospital room and board is covered, your local ambulance is covered, your hospital indemnity is covered up to $100 per day, your intensive care unit is covered, and your outpatient treatment is covered. There are dozens upon dozens more benefits, and the list is too extensive to cover in a concise format for a short overview article. Check the company website if you want to learn more.

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