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Admiral Travel Insurance was launched over 20 years ago, with the goal of providing lower insurance premiums to a lot more people, while making certain they receive plenty of benefits. Even though they’re well known for care insurance, they do a lot more besides that.

Admiral Travel Insurance can give you insurance coverage for places all around the world and for a number of items, including canoeing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and skiing. You can get a travel insurance quote online at their company website.

You can go on a trip with complete confidence, and you’ll have the knowledge that your coverage offers you great reassurance of:

•    Instant coverage
•    24-hour support around the clock
•    Up to £10 million of medical expense coverage
•    Up to  £50 million of personal accident coverage

You can pick from a number of different travel insurance policies, like the following:

Single Trip Travel Insurance

So, what do you need single trip travel insurance for? Do you want to take a Valentine’s Day trip, a birthday outing, or an anniversary treat – or even unwind on the beach? Whatever the reason you have for going on a holiday, Admiral Travel Insurance can cover you around the world.

Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance

If you want to get away two times or more per year, yearly travel or annual multi-trip insurance can help save you money – and you won’t have to arrange for new insurance every time you go on holiday.

Winter Sports Insurance

You probably want to get out there and enjoy yourself during the winter holiday. This is the essential winter sports package that you need. It covers you for snowboarding and skiing, and you will also be covered for toboganning, snowmobiling, big foot skiing, and glacier skiing.

You can even get coverage for winter sports equipment you hire or own, and you can get coverage against delays or piste closure from avalanche (but coverage limits apply). You’re even covered for off-piste skiing as long as you’re skiing according to the local ski patrol guidelines

Backpacker Insurance

The complete freedom to get up and just leave whenever you want, going at your own pace and setting your own agenda, is a luxury that many people crave. It’s even more enjoyable when you purchase backpacker travel insurance.

It’s perfect for gap-year students or people who are 45 years old or younger, the kind of people who want to take long trips abroad. This kind of insurance will even let you earn some money while you’re away if you have to. You can get coverage for casual jobs like fruit picking and bar work, and all you have to do is call up and speak to a member of the team.

•    Golf Travel Insurance
•    Cruise Insurance

All you need to do is click on the insurance package you’re interested in, and then get an online travel insurance quote. Call the contact support line if you want to learn more about any of the travel insurance packages.
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