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AA Travel Insurance - Get best Travel insurance from AA
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AA Travel Insurance

AA offers a number of services, insurance plans, and helpful resources on its website. Their range of insurance products is extensive, and they offer car, home, home emergency, travel, motorbike, pet, life, and private health insurance. They also offer a number of financial services like credit cards, loans, savings, travel currency cards, and legal services. They have several resources on their website to help customers and the public at large with their travel needs, and they have business insurance plans and services as well. AA is serious company with a powerful website that helps consumers and business-oriented customers alike.

Single trip

Single trip insurance offers coverage that can be uniquely tailored to your holiday, giving you great value. Furthermore, business cover is part of it as standard, for business travel, or travel related to your profession or trade, just as long as it does not involve any manual labor. The coverage lasts for up to 185 days. Plus, it offers emergency assistance that’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year. It offers you medical expenses up to £10 million as well. The coverage starts from £6.69.

Annual multi-trip

Annual multi-trip offers you coverage if you’re going away twice or more per year, and it is a better value than just purchasing the single trip package each time you go on a holiday. You’ll get coverage for several trips globally throughout the year, and each stay can last a span of 45. Business cover is included as well, just like in the single trip package. The coverage starts from £25.95.


If you’re planning to hike around Australia or even the world, then this is the coverage package for you. It covers you for backpacking vacations, and it covers you for casual jobs as well, like fruit picking and bar work, so you can make a little extra money while you’re traveling. It offers you up to 365 days of coverage.

Winter sports cover

Winter sports cover can be added on top of your single trip or annual multi-trip policy. In addition to the benefits of a standard policy, it offers you coverage for recreational snowboarding and skiing in recognized ski areas that are designated for such use.

Wedding cover

If you’ve chosen an idyllic, perfect location for a dream marriage abroad, just remember that wedding travel insurance is crucial. The reasonable costs of hiring a video recording professional or professional photographer are also covered.

Golf cover

Golf coverage offers crucial extras you need for your golf vacation. It offers you coverage for damage, theft, or loss of your golf equipment, including golf clubs while you are gone, as well as green fees, fees which may be irrecoverable. These fees may have been paid, or you may have been contracted to pay them, if you have to curtail or cancel your trip. It also includes business coverage as standard, and that may be essential because a business golf trip can be an essential part of closing a deal.

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