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Has anyone thought of experiencing a lower-carbon Journey by train, LOCO2 has made it possible. When the company started in 1980’s by brother and sister Jamie and Kate Andrews, their aim was to make train travel experience the Low Co2 environment across Europe & UK. Loco2 is both an abbreviation of phase “Low Co2” & a reference to Locomotive. It provides coverage relatively in 25+ countries in Europe and it is combined with train routes with over 100+ Operators, 20,000 Stations. There’s more to Explore.

The 3 times Award winning company loco2 sells Train tickets for rail and bus operators in the Europe & UK. Buy train tickets with Simple, fast booking system of their own with ZERO fees, you can quickly book with the Mobile app, all Routes in your pocket. Loco2 acts as an alternative to traditional rail booking systems by aggregating multiple reservation systems into its service, allowing users to search for and book fares across multiple countries within one transaction. Travelling by trains in Europe is fascinating as the subject amount of time is less so is the fare. The users can access standard rate fares as well as the discounted fares associated with each rail operator in Europe.

How to find cheap train tickets with LOCO2 - Find the train ticket so cheap you might want to travel every other day. Most UK & Europe Rail operators open for booking 84 days (12 weeks) in advance and this is the right time for you to find cheap train tickets. It is always recommended the booking of railway ticket as far in advance as possible to get the cheap rail fare UK. For more details on booking horizons, please find below:


Booking Horizon


3 Months


3 Months


3 Months with season variation


180 Days


2-6 Months, depending on train type


3 Months


60 Days




3 Months

United Kingdom

12 Weeks


90 Days