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London Rome Train

Talking a train from London to Rome and vice versa is surprisingly easy, quick, comfortable, affordable and eco-friendly. It is amazing that people still think about talking a flight when a TGV or a Eurostar train can travel the same distance within a day. You do not have to go through the tedious process of airport checking, or waiting for long hours for your luggage to arrive. You get to see the great scenery, lots of space to stretch yourself, no airport taxes, no luggage fees, no seat belts and room to breathe. There are various options available; the difficulty is deciding which route to take. You can either go for the amazingly superfast train, or the slower ones to enjoy the scenic view, you can board some daytime train, or use a sleeper train. Here is a brief view of the different trains you can choose from.

    Your first option, and probably the best one is the daytime Eurostar or TGV train. You can take the 9:17 Eurostar train from London to Paris for just 39 pounds, then take the afternoon TGV train from Paris to Turin or Milan starting at just 25 pounds, and arrive in the evening. Then you can take the Italian high speed Train to Rome at just 29 Euros. Or you can travel to Paris on the evening Eurostar, and take the morning TGV to Milan.  Your second option is a more time effective and the cheapest option available. You can take an afternoon Eurostar from London to Paris from just 39 pounds, provided you use the couchette. Then take the overnight Thello sleeper train from Paris to Rome from just 35 Euros if you take the couchette or will cost you from 145 Euros if you take a bed. You will reach Rome within 18 hours. If you enjoy the scenic view from a train, then this third option is meant for you. It is a touch expensive and takes longer time, but you will be awarded with the Swiss Alps scenery. You will have to take the afternoon Eurostar to Paris and the evening high speed TGV to Zurich and stay overnight. Then take the EuroCity train in the morning to Milano. On your way you pass through the Swiss Alps. Then you can take the Italian high speed train to Rome. The next option takes half a day longer than taking the evening T-hello train in the second option. But you get to travel a high class German sleeper train followed by the scenic view of the Brenner Pass. Take the afternoon Eurostar train to Paris, then the City Night Line sleeper train to Munich. The next day, take a Austrian EuroCity train to Venice which passes through the scenic Brenner Pass, through the Alps. Then you can change the train for Rome.

You can choose any of the above options depending on your budget, time and preference. Train is the best option available to travel between London and Rome.

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