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London Frankfurt Train – Know how to travel by train from London to Frankfurt (Europe)
  • London Frankfurt Train

London Frankfurt Train

There are many trains plying between London and many cities of Germany such as Frankfurt, Munich etc. Deutsche Bahn plans to run 200 miles per hour trains between London to Frankfurt, Amsterdam etc from this current year. The Channel tunnel concept comes in to picture. And with the availability of so many trains plying even now, the travel from London to Frankfurt or from Frankfurt to London has become pretty easy. One such route is from London to Brussels and then to Cologne and then to Frankfurt. The detailed transport route can be described as like a eurostar can be boarded from London to Brussels in just 1 hour and 55 minutes and then switching over to another train such as thalys train or the intercity express to travel from Brussels to Cologne in just 1 hour and 57minutes and then switching to a super intercity express from Cologne to Frankfurt in few minutes. If the thought of price comes in to mind, then it’s wrong as the journey is very affordable as the total journey from London to Frankfurt costs only 59 Euros. 

London Frankfurt train
is commonly plying all through the day. Another route which can be preferred over this route to travel from London to Frankfurt is through Paris. An afternoon Eurostar can be boarded to reach Paris from London and then switching over to the overnight City Night Line sleeper express to Frankfurt and the arrival time is almost the breakfast time at Frankfurt. So both these routes can help in reaching Frankfurt easily by train rather than the stressful flights. Thus choosing the suitable route and buying the suitable and affordable tickets is the main stress rather than the journey itself. One can choose from the different tariffs that are available with the different types of trains and their services according to the routes chosen to travel.

With many trains and many routes to reach Frankfurt the services offered by the train companies also are important as there is competition within them. The price from London to Paris by a Eurostar in the mid afternoon will cost around 39 pounds when reserved for one way and 69 pounds return as well in the second class. In the first class, the prices are a bit more compared to that of the second class seats like the one way costs around 107 pounds and dual way costs 189 pounds in the first class category of the Eurostar. And if one chooses a sleeper train to move from Paris to Frankfurt, then the per person ticket prices are such as like a seat will cost 43 Euros when it is one sided and a couchette seat of 6 bunk will cost 59 Euros and the $ bunk couchette seat will cost 69 Euros only one sided though.  There is also an economy sleeper class in the sleeper train with systems of 3 bed, 2 bed and 1 bed categories. The 3 bed scheme will cost a person 84 Euros with the 2 bed and 1 bed schemes costing 104 and 144 Euros respectively. Thus booking the best ticket suitable and choosing the route is important and the journey is as comfortable as a person would like to.

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