London Rome Cologne – Know how to travel by train from London to Cologne (Europe)
  • London Cologne Train

London Cologne Train

Your journey to a beautiful city, Cologne, starts from London, The majestic city and capital of England. Cologne or Köln is well known for its fun loving party atmosphere, numerous festivals and carnivals being celebrated here every year. Moreover, it is widely popular annual carnival, which culminates in a crazy of colourful parades and lively street parties just before Ash Wednesday.

You can reach to the Cologne via Brussels with several available train choices. You can hop a Eurostar train from London to reach Brussels and grab a little lunch here, then you can change your train from the same station. About nine trains are running every day from London to Brussels, and then you can catch one from several available trains for instance on Monday 14 trains, on Tuesday to Friday 12, on Saturday 8, and on Sunday 7 trains are available, so choose one of the most suitable for you.

Enjoy your journey and then visit Cologne’s wide range of museums and art galleries, established by the Romans, who named it Colonia. It is Germany’s oldest city and a major European metropolis. You can easily find influence of its nearby French, Belgian and Dutch neighbours.

Cologne lies in West Germany, in the Rhine Valley region. The high-speed trains take around 4hours from London St Pancras Station to take you to this beautiful city, where you can relax and enjoy some leisurely shopping. You would find plenty of opportunity whenever you visit this, including the largest cathedral in Germany, the world heritage site Cologne Cathedral and one of its most renowned landmarks; the inspiring cathedral has been a site of pilgrimage to Christians for centuries. 

Explore the Cologne from old towns winding alleys, where you can find some of the best restaurants and bars, the banks of the Rhine, and head to Em Krützchen in particular for the finest Rhenish cuisine. Experience the romance from numerous picturesque views of the city - Tanzbrunnen a famous park, with leisure facilities, and open air stage and theatre, or enjoy the bout ride along the river Rhine.

The Cologne exhibition centre (Köln Messe) is home to some of Europe’s major trade fairs, making this city a genuine crossroads. Sample the local beer of Cologne in the shadow of the imposing UNESCO listed the cathedral, symbol of the city along with the renowned eau de Cologne.

Germany’s fourth largest city is home to several famous museums including The Farina Fragrance museum; the birthplace of Cologne, Chocolate museum, see how chocolate is made and enjoy free samples and a few art museums, one of the best being the Lugwig museum of modern art.

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