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London Berlin Train – Know how to travel by train from London to Berlin (Europe)
  • London Berlin Train

London Berlin Train

With train services becoming more and more popular because of the simplicity of travel and other things, and due to the stress that is encountered in a flight journey, people are opting for high speed trains to reach their destination. There are many trains plying from London to every city of Germany and different trains have their own different routes. Thus choosing the train which would be comfortable and according to the time of the trains and the necessity of the traveler, the ticket should be booked. With many London Berlin train, and different trains plying in many routes used by the trains to reach, one such route is to head to Brussels from London by taking a Eurostar which will complete the journey in a travel time of 1 hour and 55 minutes. Then you need to skip and switch to another train probably the Thalys or the intercity express would be favorable among the lot to head to Cologne from Brussels in a travel time of 1 hour and 57 minutes.  After reaching there, it’s as simple to reach Berlin or any other place in the Germany by a high speed superb intercity express in few minutes. And this entire switching journey would have an entire cost of 49 pounds in total. If so much of switching train becomes a problem, then there are different other routes which can take out straight to Berlin. One can directly reach Paris by boarding a Eurostar and then switching once to a night sleeper high speed train to reach Berlin in the morning time. Many trains are available from Paris to Berlin and the City Night Line sleeper can serve the best comfort.

With the prices becoming more and more affordable and with no expensive journeys to and from the airport to the actual destination and the privilege of carrying children who are under the age of four for free, these train services have become the trend of travelling rather than the costlier flights. The travel time from London to Paris by the Eurostar is 15:31 at St Pancras in London. And especially on Friday there is another Eurostar to Paris at 16:01 at London. The sleeper train from the Paris to Berlin leaves Paris at 20:05 and the time at the weekends is 20:25 and then it reaches Berlin at morning time of 08:28 in the morning. This is the time of the City Night sleeper express which is considered the best suitable for travel from Paris to Berlin.

Different classes in the train have different costs and one can choose the best suitable scheme from the available ones. The Eurostar which travels from London to Paris has the first class rates of 107 pounds one way and 189 pounds return and the second class scheme of the journey costs about 39 pounds and 69 pounds one way and return respectively.  The city Night sleeper also has many schemes to choose from such as full price one way in a seat ticket has a cost of 187 Euros and a couchette has the price around 200 Euros. And a child who shares a berth and is aged less than 6 is allowed to travel free.

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