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Swiss Rail Pass

Switzerland tends to draw millions of tourists towards itself every year because of its unmatched scenic beauty. So for those who plan to go on a tour to the Swiss land, the last thing that they should think of wasting is time. To make the tour appear even more exciting without having to take extra tensions regarding the high prices, what Switzerland has more to offer is the Swiss Rail Pass.  With the Swiss Rail Pass no matter wherever one may move about in Switzerland, one need not wait for long hours standing at the ticket counters or even fumble with the money as the with the pass comes the freedom of unlimited travel with the Swiss Travel System. The Swiss Rail Pass allows the travelers to journey between St. Moritz, Alps and other interesting places in Switzerland having to bother the least on conversion rates, practicality and transfers.

Now moving in details towards the special features of using the Swiss Railway Pass, the pass provides the option of flexi and consecutive passes which grant unlimited travel with the Travel System. While the consecutive pass remains available for one month, twenty two days, fifteen, eight or four days of continuous travel, the flexi pass remains available for either three, four, five or six non consecutive or consecutive travel days within a month. So one may choose travelling from Tuesday to Friday using the consecutive pass while using the flexi pass one may travel on Tuesday and then on Friday, and still that would count only as two days of travelling. The Railway Pass also includes the Swiss Museum Pass which allows free access to travelers over four hundred and seventy museums plus the travel using the public transport system in seventy five cities.

The Pass also provides discounted offers to those children who are below sixteen years of age and are travelling with their parents by making their entire tour free when the family has the Swiss Family Card, which has to be necessarily added to the travelers cart while purchasing the Swiss Pass. However some restrictions come bound with this pass like the residents of Liechtenstein and Switzerland are not entitled to either purchase or use the Swiss Rail Pass and the pass has to be validated by the railway staff within the six months from the date of purchase of the pass. The pass should also bear the traveler’s pass port number, which has to be inscribed by the railway official only.  The presence of all the travelers in the party is also compulsory during the purchase of the saver pass while authorizing the rail pass. The railway passes have to be authenticated before boarding a train or using a bonus. Along with the pass, traveler should carry other identification proof like the passport or the U.S. military I.D. In case the passes are not validated, eighty five percent is refundable till one year from the date of purchase and in case they are lost without being validated, they are no longer refundable.

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