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Eurail Spain Pass

Speak of Flamenco dancing or the bull fighting, Spain has everything that one craves to watch at least once in their lifetime. To materialize such dreams of people across the globe, the Rail Europe’s Eurail Spain Pass provides unlimited travel throughout Europe on train. One may think of the Mediterranean beach of the Costa Del Sol or the historic Seville, the Monastery at Montserrat or the famous Picasso Museum of Barcelona, the Eurail Spain Pass makes every destination appear too lively for its travelers. Along with the unlimited travel on Spain’s national railway network , this particular pass offers the travelers to choose travelling for three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine or ten days within two months and also to travel consecutively or non consecutively.

Moving on to the conditions that have to be fulfilled while using the Eurail Spain Pass, the natives of Turkey, Russian Federation and Europe do not hold the right to purchase or use the rail pass and furthermore the passes need to be authenticated by the railway officials within six months from the purchase date of the pass. The traveler should get the passport number written on the pass by the railway official and while purchasing the saver pass, it should be specifically taken care to have all the concerned travelers present while authenticating the rail pass. The most important thing that should be taken care of is to have the rail pass authenticated by the railway officials before boarding the very first train or before using the bonus. The travel date should also be entered in the respective box of the railway pass before boarding the train by the traveler. Traveler should also carry some id proof like the passport or the U.S. Military I.D. to travel with the Eurail Spain Pass. What’s more for the traveler is that eighty five percentage of the money amount of the pass can be refunded back to the traveler in case that fail to validate the pass within six months of purchase, but the money is non refundable in case one loses the pass. Also supplements and reservations do not remain included in the pass and the prices are even subject to change in accordance with the prevailing situations.

Moving on to the bonuses offered by these passes, they offer bonus on trains, hotels, ferries, buses and museums. Talking specifically of the trains, the passes offer fifty percent reduction on FGC lines, on cable lines of Montserrat, Gelida, on FEVE trains on the routes of Santander-Bilbao, Cartegena-Los Nietos, Leon-Bilbao, and even on local lines of Galicia, Vizcaya, Murcia, Leon and Asturias. Travelers who have first class reservation are also entitled to access the luxurious Sala club lounge present at the railway stations free of cost. Ten percent flat discount is also offered to the pass holders when they use the HUSA hotels. While opting for ferries for transportation, a discount of twenty percent is also provided while crossing with the Grimaldi and Baleria Ferries. Travelling also comes free while travelling with the SNCF bus from Canfranc to Oloron. Travelers are also offered 20% discount on the WiFi access.

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