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Eurail Italy Pass

The majestic mountains of Dolomiti, the sweet Tuscany hills roofed with vineyards, the greens and blues of the composed sea shores, the busy towns and the quiet countryside; frame all of it through the window of the best train that can reach you safely and conveniently to the scenic landscapes in Italy. Traveling on rail will definitely impart you a better feel of this exquisite land; especially if you are in possession of a Eurail Italy pass. Get benefited from its unlimited travel plans that cover up all the way starting from Milano to Siracusa.

Take in an adventurous gondola ride up north in Venetian canals, revel in the famous Ravenna mosaics, the Assisi frescos, the Siena Duomo and ruins of Pompei. Come to face the historical Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum. Eurail Italy pass offers you much more of Italy at a single considerate price and not to mention, the travel bonuses too. Wherever your destination is, get there quickly and restfully with Eurail Italy passes.

Eurail Italy passes offer you with innumerable services. One pass and roam about the entire Italian landscape through rail network. Within a two month period, you have the choice of traveling 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 or 10 days, may be consecutive or not. For passengers below 26 years and traveling in 2nd class, discounted fares would be levied. For group of 2-5 persons traveling together, saver passes are available. There are special passholder charges for reservations done in high speed trains. Exclusive bonuses include reduced or free transportation on buses, international and national ferry crossings and some of the private railroads along with discounts on hotels, museums and automobile rentals.

However there are restrictions and conditions for use of this pass. Residents of Russian Federation, Turkey pr Europe cannot purchase this rail pass. The passes must be validated again before the end of 6 months from its purchase day at train stations. Passengers will compulsorily require carrying of US military ID or passport during travel. If stolen or lost, rail passes aren’t refundable. Supplements and reservations are not included and they will come at an extra cost. The prices of rail passes are subject to regular changes.

Book your ticket for the maximum number of days in order to grab the best deals. The Saver tickets offer the lowest prices but it requires the presence of all the travelers. For a single adult traveling with a first class pass, prices start from $295 where as from $149 for a child of 4- 11 years. The 2nd class tickets start from $241 for adults, $196 for youth (12-25 years) and $122 for children.

Travelers seeking detailed information regarding fares can log in to our website. Enter the necessary details and we will help you to get on the correct path. Let us know about travel plan like how many days you wish to travel, which are the passengers that will be accompanying you and whether everyone in your group would be traveling together every time. We can then help you to know about the exact prices. You can also book your cheap train tickets straightaway. We promise to deliver the best services at the lowest prices so that you can easily enjoy the amazing and wondrous views in Italy.

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