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Eurail Global Pass

The famous Eurail Global Pass happens to be the best value-for-money as well as the most flexible train pass which offers to take its travelers right through the center of the top places like Rome, Prague and Paris, thus giving the traveler actually a golden chance to materialize his dreams of taking the Gondola ride of Venice, visiting Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum, exploring the underground art scene at Berlin and many more adventurous experiences with their large numbers of trains that run day and night. Furthermore the reason of talking in particular of the Eurail Global Pass, is because boarding a train with this pass is in fact the most comfortable way for travelling within Europe. The Eurail Global Pass with its widespread network of local high speed trains offers the travelers facilities to travel among twenty four European countries. Be it from Denmark to Spain, or Finland to Portugal, or from Hungary and Croatia to France and Italy respectively, with the facilities provided by the Eurail Global Pass one can explore the diversified traditions, cultures and climate prevailing along the European continent. Their tailor made formulas for customers and bonuses play a vital role to bring their customers at ease.

People who have permanent residence outside the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, Turkey or Europe for a period longer than six months are entitled to purchase and use the Eurail Global Pass. However, just possessing the pass does not do any good unless it is activated. The traveler needs to get it validated before boarding the train with it. To activate it, one needs to approach the railway staffs who then apply a stamp on the pass revealing the dates of first and last travel days. The validation process remains same for both the regular as well as the flexi pass. Moving on to the validation facts, the passes should be activated within six months from the date they are issued and they should be activated before the first train journey or first usage of bonus. The presence of all concerned parties is also a must when authenticating the Saver Eurail Global Pass. The travel date should also be entered correctly in the calendar box before boarding a train.

The Eurail Global Pass also has a 7:00 pm rule especially for the travelers to be benefited by taking up a free travel day. However this rule requires the compulsory activation of the pass, boarding night train only after 7:00 pm, arriving at one’s destination place on the very next day only after 4:00 am and having the arrival date within the validation period of the pass. In case the aforementioned points are not followed, the traveler has to enter the arrival and departure dates on the pass. The travel bonuses also offer hotel discounts, reduced fares for sightseeing of museums and other important places in seventeen countries across Europe. Travelers enjoy special fares on AVE, Eurostar, Geneve Med, Berlin-Warszawa Express, Paris-Germany night, Elipsos, Bruxelles-France TGV, Talgo Day, Talgo 200, Thalys, and TGV France-Italy etc.

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