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  • Eurail France Italy Pass

Eurail France Italy Pass

For all the travel aficionados out there who dream of traveling through not one but two countries effortlessly and completely, Eurail offers an excellent opportunity that is simply too good to be missed. The best way to travel every nook and corner of any country that we visit is through its railway routes and a pass that allows us the opportunity to visit two countries is simply superb. The Eurorail France-Italy Pass does just that. It holds the key for our exploration two of the most spectacular countries in Europe by travelling by rail. Come and gaze up at the astounding Paris landmark i.e. Eiffel Tower, or simply relax in the flawless beaches in the city of Nice, or ponder beneath the statue of David when you visit Florence and take in the sights and sounds of the romantic environs of enchanted city Venice by traveling by any gondola. One can give in to the spectacular views of the majestic Alps as well as the breathtaking Umbrian hills while travelling between two countries.

The Eurorail France-Italy Pass is the most comfortable way to explore twin countries France and Italy and also manages to be total fun. There are hundreds of reasons to prefer this method of travelling one amongst which is how we always arrive exactly at the centre of every city that we tour in both the countries. Every major city is covered and linked through this pass and includes cities like Bordeaux, Rome, Paris as well as fashion house Milan.  France and Italy are both famous for their excellent mouthwatering and classy cuisine as well as rich and diverse historical background. In short one cannot simply stop exploring in these two famous destinations. Climbing the Eiffel Tower while in Paris or making an event out of wine tasting in the fine city of Bordeaux or simply experiencing the pleasure of riding a gondola and gazing upon ancient ruins of Rome, Eurorail pass makes it possible for you to fulfill every wish.

One gets unlimited travel to and forth between the two countries, an option of 4-10 days inside a given 2 month period, saver passes for group traveling in short groups made up of 2-5 travelers going visiting together, heavy discounts for youth under age 26 willing to travel via second class and several other offers in using local transports such as buses and ferries, in hotel bookings, in museums and other local attractions. All details about the fare structures for adults, children , for youth, for group travels, considering the vast options for durations which ranges anything from 4- 10 days is available in the website. One can download the route maps and detailed itineraries as well which make you thoroughly informed about the expected path of the railways as well as the cities which come under the routes. Reservations in advance are required by several railway services as seats are limited. Such reservations if required are intimated to the travelers as and when they book for the passes.

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