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One of the notable names in the world of transport across the globe is the Southern Railway. It has an old history which evolved over time into the establishment of the world class transportation company serving the purpose of the public. For all those out there who are planning to make a tour de London, this is the best way to go about to explore the historical places. The key destinations of the train include Brighton, Chichester, Eastbourne, Southampton and Portsmouth where you can enjoy the calm of history. The main routes of the train run to and from London Victoria, Brighton, Bognor Regis and Hastings.

Ticket types:
Advance Ticket – It is always advised to plan your journey well before time in order to enjoy the visit to the maximum. This not only avoids panic and disappointment but also lets you have your leisure. Whether you are planning to travel alone or with a group of your family or friends, the advance ticket of the Southern Railway makes your best choice as it is cheap and affordable without compromising on the quality. The lowest fare is charged in the Level 1 of the Standard class which £5.00. In Level 2 of the Standard class, you will be charged with £7.50 while in Level 3 of the same class, it is £10.00. The First class, Level 1 ticket costs only £15.00.

Anytime Ticket – If you have a flexible schedule and want to travel at any time during the day or even any day of the week, the anytime ticket of the Southern Railway serves your purpose. There are further options when you go for the ticket. As for instance, you may avail the anytime Day Return which allows you to travel to and from your destination on the specified date without any restriction of the time slot. For some specific routes, the Anytime Return lets you enjoy your trip for a month since the date mentioned on the ticket and then you can travel back on the return ticket. This is the perfect option when you plan to have a longer visit. If you are a Travelcard holder, you are entitled to travel through any train, bus or tram within the limits of London Fares Zone without any time restriction during the whole valid day. Season ticket lets you the required flexibility to travel within the time range specified on the ticket. The validity of the ticket ranges from a week to a year.

Off-Peak Tickets – For those who do not like to be stuck in the midst of the rush hour in the morning, the off-peak ticket has been designed. The off-peak Day single lets you have one of your quiet and calm journeys after the morning hour. Off peak Day Return has been designed for the passengers intending to travel to the destination and then return, but the ticket is valid for only one day, so you need to travel back the same day. The off-peak Return provides you the flexibility for your return within the next month. You can return on any day till the expiry of the ticket.

First Class Travel – Holding a First class ticket entitles you to enjoy some additional facilities on your way. The passengers with this ticket are served with foods during the journey. The complimentary drinks like tea and coffee are also offered on board.

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