Book Cheap Southeastern Train Tickets

Travelling across cities in the UK is convenient, if well planned. You can choose to book Southeastern Tickets, depending on your origin and destination. Go through with Southeastern Timetables, and avail the best Tickets by using our journey planner tool.

About Southeastern

Southeastern has been in the business for more than a decade by operating trains between London and Kent and parts of East Sussex but has been able to make a mark of itself by offering superior performance coupled with well-maintained coaches, exemplary on board services and convenient Southeastern Times. Operating one of the busiest networks in the country including the UK’s first domestic high speed service with Javelin trains, Southeastern runs more than 4500 train services every week.

Southeastern operates 367 trains making more than 640,000 journeys. While it solely manages 165 stations along its track, it serves 178 stations. Only having the best type of trains, Southeastern offers connectivity to both urban and rural areas with its large integrated network.

With so many trains making journeys- how do you get to know the timing of your train? Refer to the highly detailed yet easily understandable Southeastern Timetables and pick a train time that suits you.


Train Tickets Made Exceptionally Reasonable with Lucrative Offers

Southeastern understands the type of travellers that aboard the trains and hence offers a wide range of travel options. These options not only make train travel easy but also helps passengers save on their travel cost. Next time when you plan to buy Southeastern Tickets, do checkout the types of tickets on offer and pick the one that best serves your interest.

Ticket types include:

  • Advance Tickets: Book your tickets up to 12 weeks in advance to ensure that you get to leverage the best fares on offer. Spend the saved money on something more worthy.
  • Anytime Tickets: If you simply had no time to plan, when Southeastern lets you book your Southeastern Tickets anytime. The Anytime Tickets allows you to travel in any train at any time between any stations.
  • Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak Tickets: If you can be flexible about your travel times, the e suggest to opt for the Off-peak or better, the Super Off-Peak Tickets. With exceptional reduction in prices from normal fares, you also get to enjoy the space and comfort of the train.
  • Season Tickets: A boon for all regular commuters. Weekly, Monthly or annual coupled with other additional benefits, there is no better way to travel than opt for a Seasonal Ticket. Save time and save money are the two USPs of a Seasonal Ticket.

Multiple Ways to Save on Your Travel Costs – Check Them All Out

In addition to offering unique ways to travel, Southeastern also offers multiple money saving opportunities. These include group discounts, young persons’’ discount, concessions for senior citizens and more. RailCards too are a great way to save on your travel costs. Designed specifically to meet different needs, pick the one that best suits your needs.

With multiple ways to pay for your tickets accompanied by multiple money saving opportunities, travelling in a Southeastern is nothing but a joy forever. Opt to pay online, or by Oyster card, at ticket vending machines, Contactless Cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal or at the ticket counter. Take a look at the type of train you wish to travel, the class, refer to the Southeastern Train Timetable for the timings and avail the offers to save on your costs and make your payment- simple and easy.