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The means of transportation have been improved throughout the world considering the growing population and allied requirements. However, the UK underground system has been the most effective since its development in the 19th century. It is one of the latest and state of the art systems of the transportation catering to needs of the passengers.

The London underground commonly known as the Tube or the Underground is a public transport running in the major areas of the UK including Essex, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. The track is a total of 250 miles long serving the 270 stations. Contrary to what its name indicates, most part of the Tube is above ground. The tube runs in layers, which mean that there are different trains running on different levels of ground. Some are above the ground while some are underground. The London Underground is regarded as the fourth largest metro train service of the world transporting over a billion of passengers on a daily basis.

There are 11 lines in total, of which 7 are deep tube while 5 are sub-surface. The sub-surface lines run just below the ground surface and the deep tube lines run deeper on circular tracks. The deep tube trains are smaller in size as they need to move around in a circular motion.

As far as the infrastructure and interior of the Tube is concerned, they have been improved during the past decade. Now they are equipped with the proper cooling and heating system. Serving such a large network of trains is even larger network of platforms where you can travel up and down the floors through lifts and escalators. The longest escalator is around 200 feet long operated at Angel. Besides that, lifts are also operating to move around for the ease of passengers.

The ticketing and booking can be done easily by logging on to our webpage and select your route in the given fields, you will be given complete information about the timings of the tube as well as the fare for the travelling route. The payment is also made online through a self-service menu. You may also use your travelling card to pay the fare of your journey.

The overall timing of the operation of the Tube is from 1am till 5 pm. The maintenance of the lines and trains is done during the off hours to ensure maximum satisfaction of the passengers. On weekends, it is opened a bit late in the morning as the offices are closed. Similarly, the Tube is sometimes closed on public holidays and one special occasion like Olympics etc.

Except for a few downsides, the entire network of London underground has been ensured to provide the quality service to the residents of UK. However, due to the increase in population, the passengers complain about the overcrowding in the Tube but the authorities cannot do much about it because the design and interior of the train is already ensured to accommodate as many people as possible. So, the capacity cannot be increased any more.

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