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UK presents an enviable system of transportation to maximum satisfaction of the residents. One of the most sophisticated train systems is London midlands serving throughout the territory connecting all the major parts of London, the North West and the Midlands.

The service of the London Midlands has been divided into two sub-brands:

London Midland Express:

The train serves the route through various areas along the West Coast Main Line. The frequency varies from an hour to two or two and a half hours running through the areas of Birmingham New Street, Liverpool Lime Street, London Euston, Milton Keynes Central, Tring and Crewe during the normal course of the day. However, the frequency may fluctuate according to the number of people travelling during rush hours as in the morning and during the evening. This train is regarded as a semi fast train.

This sub-brand is further divided in to two branches; The Marston Vale Line and St.Albans Branch Line. The former runs from Bletchley towards Bedford on an hourly frequency. While the latter serves the Watford Junction to St. Albans Abbey at a distance of 45 minutes.

London Midland City:

The sub brand serving the public commuter routes from Birmingham New Street, Northampton, Lichfield, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Shrewsbury, Hereford.

In addition to the main sub brands, the London Midland also operates on some smaller stations like Hartlebury, Bordesley and Polesworth. Here only a few numbers of trains serve the purpose of some specific days of the week and during special occasions.

As far as the performance is concerned, there is a marked decrease in the performance of the service during the recent years.

A total of around 130 trains are currently included in the fleet of London Midland in which each of them comprises of the multiple cars. The three categories of the trains are currently on the track with respect to the fuelling. There is one LPG train while some are electric trains, still others are diesel operated.

The concessional rates of fare are charged during special days so as to offer maximum convenience to the public. Different packages are also offered to those planning special day out for the visit of the city. As far as booking and ticketing is concerned, a very systematic schedule is maintained, and you can easily book a seat for you by contacting at our booking offices.

You can get to know about the timings and routes of the trains as and when you require. All you need to do is to make a call at our booking centres and have the complete information about the routes of the London Midlands.

You can explore the internet and have your query answered in no time making to easy for you to plan your journey.

Since the frequency of the trains is such that you can easily manage to get the next one even if you miss the previous. Our representatives are always at your service to help you with the booking and ticketing issues.

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