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The UK transportation network boasts to be the best in the world offering the best quality services to the passengers across the kingdom, making their lives easy and inexpensive as the number of people travelling by the local trains is always on a rise. So, it is very important to have the top-notch quality service being offered to the public. Grand Central Railway is yet another trusted name in the UK for providing open-access service between the areas of Bradford and London King’s Cross. The service started in May 2010; however, it was running under the brand name of Grand Central since 2007 serving the areas between Sunderland and London King's Cross.

The two services of the Grand Central Railway are the North East route and the West Riding service. There are four daily services running from Sunderland to London’s King’s Cross via Hartlepool, Thirsk, Eaglescliffe, Northallerton and York under the North East Route while the West Riding service has 3 daily trains Bradford Interchange and London King's Cross running through Halifax, Brighouse, Mirfield, Wakefield Kirkgate, Pontefract Monkhill and  Doncaster.

Anytime Tickets:

If you want to travel at your convenience without worrying about the rush hours, it is advised to get your anytime ticket of the Grand central Railway. Yes! This serves better for saving your precious time and money as the fares are quite reasonable considering the financial constraints of the working classes of the society. On the North Eastern Route, you may enjoy your journey at the cost of £81.3 from Sunderland through Thirsk if you go for the single Standard class while its £132.8for single First class on the same route. For York, it is more affordable costing you £77.2 for single Standard class and £123.6 for the Single First Class.

On the other hand if you go for a return ticket of Standard class, you will be charged £132.8 travelling from Sunderland to Thirsk while for Return ticket under the First class, the same route charge you £221.4 with an exception of York which has as low fare as £123.6 for return Standard class and £216.3 for Return First Class. Use Best fare finder by to view all available tickets.

Off peak tickets:

The off peak tickets are meant for those who want to enjoy their journey avoiding the peak hours of rush. This is mostly used by those who want to get at their destinations without getting stuck in the crowd of thousand passengers saving their time and money. Well! For the train running from Sunderland to Thirsk, the fare of the single standard class ticket is £56.60, and for York it is £51.50. The Single First class ticket costs £81.30, and for York, it is lowered to £77.2.

Speaking of the standard Return ticket, you may travel from Sunderland to Thirsk at the cost of £91.60 while for First class Return tickets; you will be charged with £132.8. The York rates for the categories are £87.50 and £123.6 respectively.

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