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Voyages SNCF – All European train tickets at Voyages-SNCF.com UK
  • Voyages SNCF

Voyages SNCF

Voyages-SNCF.com is the official website for the French Railway service, and it sells tickets for train journeys throughout France and for international journeys to or from France, at the lowest price with no extra booking fees & a whole range of seating options.

Passengers can book train tickets on the SNCF website at www.voyages-snsf.com. The SNCF is an acronym that stands for Societe Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais. For those of us who don’t speak French, that means “National Society of French Railways”. It is a railway company is operated by the state, and it is the primary railway company in France. The SNCF is a big and long-standing organization, and it operates the entirety of the rail services in France, as well as the TGV, which is the network of high-speed rails in France. It has a number of functions that include railway service operation for freight and passengers and fright, and signaling and maintenance of the infrastructure operated by the RFF. RFF is an acronym that stands for Reseu Ferre de France.

The SNCF is a huge organization, and it employs over180,000 individuals in its employment, and they reside in more than 120 countries around the world. It is a major state employer. The railway network entails approximately 32,000 kilometers of route, of which approximately 1,800 kilometers are lines of high-speed rail and roughly 14,500 kilometers are electrified. The SNCF operates thousands of trains daily, and the number can go up to 14,000. The company HQ is in Paris, in the Rue du Commandant Mouchoutte. For those of us in the United States and Canada, it may seem odd to have such a huge government employer in the transportation business. However, much of Europe and the European countries have different attitudes toward, and reasons for, public transportation and state-run transportation.

Interestingly, as of a few years ago, the SNCF had a ranking of $22 France and approximately 214th worldwide on the worldwide Fortune 500 list.

It’s the primary area of the SNCF group that, in the year of 2011, had nearly 250,000 people in its employ. The organization saw approximately €32 billion in sales in more than 120 countries. Guillaume Pepy is the chairman of the SNCF group. It may seem odd to some of us in the United States to see a state-run transportation company with such high profits. It would be extremely common, conversely, to see a private transportation company with those kinds of profits. However, Europe has different kinds of transportation systems, voting publics, and economies that are much different than the United States. It is not unusual for a state-run company to be so important, large, or profitable.

The SNCF is a worldwide leader in green transportation, and they have a strong focus on becoming the globe’s first operator offer carbon neutral travel at no additional cost to consumers. To that end, the SNCF has cut down on emissions its Paris To London route by nearly 30% in a couple of years by using less fossil fuels and more electricity. The SNCF has nearly 40 manufacturing facilities that are in the process of becoming green and nine sites have already become ISO 14000 certified. There is an interactive website that the SNCF put up to help consumers calculate the environmental cost of their travel options.

What Is The Voyages-SNCF.com Like To Use?

The first element you’ll notice when you visit the Voyages-SNCF.com website is the compact area on the left to ‘book your train tickets’. You can enter your ‘from’ destination and your ‘to’ destination, along with your outbound date, time, inbound date, and time, and then you can just press ‘search’. It is really easy to see what tickets are available. It’s the first thing you notice on the site.

There is a section in the top right for ‘my bookings’.

If you have any questions, you can click the ‘contact’ link, the ‘help and info’ link, or the ‘other countries’ link to help get the help that you require online.

There are four separate buttons at the top called ‘train, ‘destinations’, ‘deals’, and ‘car rental’

In the middle part of the website, you can see the European train travel deals that are available at the moment.

There is more information down the left-hand side of the page, underneath the ‘book your tickets’ box. There is a ‘travel information’ section where you have a ‘best fare finder’, ‘door-to-door journey planner’, ‘ticket delivery options’, ‘exchange and refund’, ‘book now pay later’, ‘join us on Facebook, and ‘Voyages-SNCF.com mobile’.

There is also graphic banner for the ‘new travel app’.

You can also enter your email address in to get the latest train deals.

There is even a section underneath where you can see ‘train trips around Europe’, and you can click the links to get pre-formatted travel routes and options.

How To Use The Voyages-SNCF.com Website

At What Time Does Booking Start?

Booking opens approximately 90 days ahead of time. However, SNCF usually opens bookings even further ahead for the summer months, and the 90-day period can shrink a lot for dates just outside of the differences on the timetable on the Sunday on the 2nd of the month in December and the Sunday on the 2nd of the month in June.

You’re Not Allowed To Make Pure Reservation Bookings With Your Railpass

You will have to use whatever website you have for local rail service, any site that you have access to for that, like www.raileurope-world.com, www.raileurope.com, or www.kvoyages-sncf.com.

Don’t Check Off The Box For Direct Services

On the www.voyages-sncf.com website, this box will automatically be checked off. That’s OK if you are sure that there is a direct train. However, you have to remember to uncheck it to see the output, results that entail a train change (or to see any output whatsoever if the trip entails a train change always).

What Should You Do If It Gives You A Range Of Stations?

It’s ideal to choose the station with the two-letter country code you want to go to and enter it after the name of the place, for instance, ‘Vienna (AT)’ for Vienna, etc. If it is in Germany, choose the one that has the ‘Hbf’ designation. For Paris, choose ‘TGV-FR, etc.

Loyalty Program & Season Ticket

You probably don’t have a French Railways season ticket or loyalty card, so don’t check off these boxes at all.

Child Ticket Rates

If you have children, keep your cool and make sure the system isn’t charging you a lot more money for your children than it is for you. It has been seen to charge even more for small children. Why is that? The reason is that a lower fare rate, of say €74, is set by default as an ‘adult’ fare, but it is legitimate to use for any individual, of whatever age, and so the computer may charge the child rate – even though it’s a lot higher. The Voyages-SNCF.com website isn’t smart enough to switch out the price for an adult when this is less expensive than the children’s ticket price. There’s no issue with children journeying with an adult ticket, but it can’t be done the other way around. Remember, also, that if you’re booking Paris-Germany trains, you’ll have better age limits for children if you use the website for the German Railways at www.bahn.de.

What Do When You Book An Overnight Train

It will just offer ticket rates for sleeper or couchette spots in whatever class you have picked. What you have to do is leave ‘2nd class’ checked off if you would like to try booking berths in 30bed sleepers or 6-berth couchettes, which are basically 2nd class, but choose ‘1st class’ if you wish to book a 4-berth couchette or a 1 or -2bed sleeper, because these are actually 1st class (the available range will have its dependence on the train you’re taking.

What To Do If You Are Booking A City Night Line Train

If you want to book a city night line train going from Germany to Paris, or vice versa, it is highly recommended to use www.bahn.de instead of the www.voyages-sncf.com website. In addition to other elements, this will handle the age limits for children in Germany on these trains in the right way, and it will offer all kinds of accommodation, including couchettes with 4 berths.

What To Do If You Are Booking Eurostar

It can be nicer to book a ticket with Eurostar between Paris & London as a distinct tripat www.eurostar.com. You can use the suggested Eurostar times that are displayed on the appropriate pages of walkthrough and guide websites, but you can also pick a Eurostar from London arriving at an earlier time, or a late-arriving Eurostar that is coming back from Paris, if these trains have less expensive seats available compared to the suggested Eurostar connection, or if you just want to get off. Remember that on your journey back the date you set off leaving Paris and go to London will be one day after the date you depart from Italy to Paris.

Now, you know virtually everything you need to know about the www.voyages-sncf.com website and booking your travel experience. Enjoy your journey, and always stay safe when you’re traveling.

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