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The British train network is one of the best in the world. Most visitors and local travellers prefer using the train services to get the cheapest of transport, with comfort and in good time. With the train services managed by different companies over the country, finding the best choice you have becomes a tricky one. This is where companies like TheTrainline come to play their part. is a web and telephone based booking service offered on all the trains of all companies and regions of the UK. It was established in 1997. It then was a part of the Virgin Group and had only telephonic service. Soon, in 1999 it brought in its online feature and became an independent company. Today it is the largest and most successful online vendor of rail tickets having acquired its closest rival Qjump.

You can buy tickets on thetrainline very easily by paying small extra money. It might seem a huge amount for just tickets, but with other features that you get while you are making your travel plan, it does not seem much. While you are buying multiple tickets, you will be charged the booking fee on only one of the tickets only.

You can book in advance for the train tickets that have been released. Advance booking starts from the day the owner of the train service releases the tickets till 1800 hours of the day before the scheduled departure of the train.

In the case of eminent need, there is also the option to cancel the booking. They charge a service charge of $10 for each of the tickets cancelled. It must be kept in mind that all tickets are to up for cancellation. You must read related information for particular tickets before buying tickets without confirmations.

Tips to save on train tickets using

1. Advance booking: Buying your tickets in advance is cheaper and you can save up to 43% on fare as claimed by Trainline official website. Ticket alert service is very useful in this case.

2. Compare prices of Singles and Return tickets: Usually single tickets are cheaper than return journey tickets. You can see the best deals available for your journey. They also provide you facility of buying different journeys in one transaction. You can also check out price matrix at and can choose best combination of 2 singles or return tickets.

3. Avoid peak times: Peak time train tickets are expensive than off peak time. Trainline’s best fare finder shows you ticket prices at different times and days of week thus helping you choosing best fare.  

4. Using Railcards: If you own a rail card, you can save 1/3 on train tickets at Trainline.

5. Buy onward bus travel tickets and travel cards: You can buy travel cards for The Tube with standard tickets which can save you some money while booking at PLUSBUS travel cards can be also bought for your onward bus journey.    

They have over the past years regularly launched exciting offers to keep the users interested and maintain their position. Some of the interesting and unique features of trainline are discussed in this article.

Tools and Gadgets provided by

Ticket alert service – It is an innovative feature that attracts as well as benefits the users. You need to sign up for the alert for any particular train ticket with travel date. As soon as the ticket for the train is made available, which in most cases is cheaper at the time of release, you will be notified by an email and you can purchase the ticket at a discounted rate.

Best fare finder – It is a feature again allowing the users to make the best and cheapest choice. You just need to give your boarding station and destination. You will be provided with the cheapest available journey plan. You can also manipulate it to provide the best route of travel. This tool is perfect for those with flexible journey date and time and interested in cheapest train ticket. This way you can find fares for a particular route and train for a particular month and can choose best fares.   

Mobile application – They have launched an application on all major platforms with the likes of iOS, Blackberry OS and Android. The apps are free in the Blackberry and Android market. It allows you to buy the ticket while you are on the move. With this feature you can book your ticket immediately while you are planning and do not need to wait till to get home to book the tickets.

Train times – They recently introduced a feature to allow users to search for available trains on all major stations around the country in an instance.

Google Maps – With a recent contract with Google Inc, all train travel related information that is displayed on the travel searches are hosted by TheTrainline.

Live Departure Facility at – You can check out all departures from and arrival to a specific train station online in real time.

Eurostar ticketsEurostar is the high speed train running from London to Brussels and Paris. Trainline UK provide facility to book Eurostar train tickets online.  

Hot Travel Deals across Europe – At Trainline you can book UK train tickets along with hotels in major UK cities as well in other European cities. City breaks for major European cities can be booked at cheap prices.   

Owing to the efficiency and popularity, also provides packages for travellers, which include booking of events in a distant town your behalf and also booking of hotels for staying for a short duration. You can buy all that in a single and cost effective package from thetrainline.

Many of the popular travelling agencies and business that need travelling plans in bulk can get an account on the site of and make the most of travelling with discounts. We also provide software access to the account holder to manage and keep track of all their travels with ease and simple database.

For all travels and travellers, is a very useful tool that comes handy in many ways.

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