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With the increased market of online train ticket booking along with booking for hotels and bus travels has given rise to many newer websites providing the particular service. MyTrainTicket is such a site, which is rising to prominence in the web booking category of websites.

MyTrainTicket is a relatively new online booking service provider. It is based in the United Kingdom and largely deals with train tickets within the country. It is currently the main competitor of

Some of the features that MyTrainTicket provides to keep it in contention for the higher share in the market as well as to keep improving its reputation are quite exciting and useful as well.

The site is simple and quick compared to the other similar websites. Simple search and request to get a timetable will get you to the page containing information about fare, timings and other information that you might be needing while you are booking the ticket. The search marks the cheapest fare for your searched route in orange tabs and you do just need to hover your pointing device on top of the tab to get more info.

Booking option allows you to pinpoint the seat you want to book. You can search for seats that meet your needs like window side, having power socket, internet access or decide which table seat you would prefer. Booking options also let you choose the train service provider. Many users like to travel with a particular company and with such searching option, it becomes easier.

You can get Airmiles when you book on the website. It is unique and exciting for the users but to retrieve and keep accumulating your Airmiles you need to create and account unlike other similar features on other sites.

Though the website may have become popular and catching up with the other giants, it is far from being perfect and a user’s dream choice. The site is a little messy with the type of grids used to display search result and can get confusing for users not accustomed to it. Moreover, the site charges a lot of additional fees over the actual billing. For instance, you are charged an addition 2.5% for payment through credit card, charges 90p for all bookings and another $1.50 if you request them to post you your tickets instead of retrieving at a nearby station.

If you are looking for speedy and cheap train ticket booking, but not the cheapest, then you may look out for MyTrainTicket.


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