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KAYAK is the leading travel service provider which aims at improving the online travel experience. KAYAK was the brainchild of cofounders of the three most dynamic travel sites i.e. Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia. It was formed in January 2004 to diversify and use a brand new approach to travel. The cofounders of KAYAK include Steve Hafner (CEO) Orbitz and Paul English (CTO) and Terrell Jones (Chairman), who is also the founder of site Travelocity as well as Greg Slyngstad (Director) the person responsible for Expedia. Headquarter of KAYAK is in Norwalk, CT. Its beta site was officially launched in the month of May 2004 and became public the next year in January.

KAYAK is a one stop site travel agency online which has an exhaustive index featuring each and every leading travel sites across the world so that you have the most exhaustive range of offers, deals, products and services to choose from for booking flights, hotels, car rentals, cruise lines etc.  The KAYAK custom app for mobiles and iPhones provide an excellent informative display medium to browse through scores of travel sites and compare prices, deals, etc among the sites and makes perfect travel plans within minutes unless browsing for hours for the perfect rates and deal is your hobby. After finding the travel routes and plans, KAYAK offers the site which caters to your requirements and your expectations. It provides options of sites to place bookings for all parts of the travel experience including hotels, flights, cars as well as other special needs. It guides you to the page for final booking and purchase.

KAYAK has agreements related to advertisements with almost several thousand travel agencies and suppliers including online sites and has connection with every major airline for all its destinations, state of the art hotels and resorts with partnership with parent organizations Expedia and Travelocity and Priceline. This website also has vested interests in white-label products inside branded sites such as Rough Guides, Pricerunner, Roadrunner, America Online, Lonely Planet, Comcast, About.com as well as USA Today.

KAYAK products and services incorporate queries for flight and hotel bookings, quotes for car hiring during holidays and provides special searching tools such as options for multi-city searches, weekend based holiday package searches, flexible dates and horde of filtering mechanisms. Search through cruise ships and their rates, special deals across all possible websites using KAYAK. It can also calculate for you your total expenses including all hidden expenses such as baggage fees, local taxes, price change alerts, and various other sub fees.

The KAYAK mobile app can be downloaded for free and can run on almost all tabs as well as Smartphones and it also provides effective hassle free ways to browse through sites, deals and it’s also easy to compare and choose the best. It’s a excellent travel app and suitable for every travel needs. The people who have booked flights or hotels etc can also manage the itineraries, get the price updates and monitor flight status using the travel management tools available.

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