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Since 1994, Eurostar brought a revolution in the way people travel from UK to Brussels and Paris forever. Today, travelers think of nothing other than hopping onto the Eurostar Train after a luscious London breakfast to relax in some Parisian bistro for lunch. The high speed railway train services of Eurostar traverses through Channel Tunnel that is separately owned and operated by Eurotunnel. 

Since its commencement, Eurostar has carried more than 130 million passengers to Paris, Lille, Brussels and Calais. Its much loved and well accepted seasonal trains travel to south of France during summers and to French and Swiss Alps in winter for skiing. Eurostar trains travel at a maximal speed of 300 km/hour on high speed lines in France, Belgium and UK. A regular journey for London to Paris takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, from London to Brussels is 2 hours and if you are traveling from London to Lille, you can reach at your destination within 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Eurostar has always remained as the leading edge innovation in travel industry. It is one of the initial train companies that introduced business lounges along with a loyalty program and everyday advantages of train travel rather than on plane. With great value fares, comfortable and spacious to work, generous and simple compensation policies for cancellations and delays and fast convenient check in, Eurostar has been winning the hearts of a million passengers’ everyday on its 18 trains.

Eurostar’s fleet is highly impressive with an excellent safety record. It currently operates with a remarkable fleet of 27 trains. Additionally, three more trains are used in France for domestic services. Each passenger train of two power cars and 18 carriages is capable of carrying 750 travelers. Considering the safety factors, Eurostar flaunts innumerable features like fireproofing systems, use of extensive fire resistant materials, fire doors in between each carriage and heavy cable gauge installations.

Eurostar has some fabulous deals for its highly valued passengers. It does a lot more than only getting you at your destination. The 2 For 1 Eurostar Cultural tickets can take you on a noteworthy journey to some of the greatest galleries and museums in Paris, Lille and Brussels.

If you are planning on visiting some of the finest capital cities in Europe in order to soak up the real soul of the amazing continent, check for the £66 return to Paris availability. Within just a couple of hours, you will find yourself at the start of a romantic weekend or just a fun filled evening of song and dance right in the heart of Europe’s most famous cities. Traveling to Disneyland in Paris with a tow of children calls for a simple and seamless journey; Eurostar serves it just right. You can also avail its wonderful train plus hotel deals to play your stay beforehand. To relish in Amsterdam’s cultural vibrancy and the wide range of eminent attractions and historical landmarks, Eurostar’s fares start from as low as £66.

Eurostar offers three distinctive experiences for travelers. For a quick and seamless journey, travel in standard classes. Make more from your journey with Standard Premier Class tickets with chances and additional spaces for working and unwinding. Still, make the most of your journey by traveling in Business Premier Class to let yourself get surrounded by perfect working environments. At Eurostar you can savor both delectable food and convenient travel at the same time. You can also take a look at its culinary delights to be informed about what you may expect in each of the travel classes.

Booking Eurostar train tickets to your favorite destinations is now much simpler and a lot faster. Log in our website to enter necessary details like origin and destination stations, departure and return dates and number of adults and children. With this done; you can straightway book your tickets online. For any other queries related to your travel, you can mail us or talk to our representative on phone. You can also inquire about the fares for standard class, standard premier and business premier classes before booking your Eurostar tickets. Take in a ride to the world’s most captivating places with Eurostar’s excellent services, offers and travel experiences.

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