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The route between Paris and Lausanne was been operated by an express called as the TransEurop express which had started its operation in the middle of the year 1961. However this service was replaced by a new TGV service in the year 1984 and this service had tri-current locomotives. But it was in the year of 2002, that the name Lyria was applied for the first time. After branding Lyria as the name, it replaced all the other names in the TGV services. It operated between the routes of France and Switzerland and then it was extended and applied to Paris- Geneva routes as well in 2005. Going by statistics, this train service in the year end of 2005 transported its 3 millionth passenger.

TGV Lyria train has a logo “La Ligne de Coeur France Suisse” and runs on one route such as it covers the route between Geneva- Paris in just a travel time of 3hrs and 5minutes. To your amazement this train plies in this route around 9 times in a day. It even travels in the route Lausanne-Dijon-Paris with a time of travel of 3hrs 45minutes with almost around 4 trips per day. This train along this route in the Saturdays of summer also travels to Brig. In the route of Bem-Dijon-Paris, it plies only one round trip every day with the time of travel of 4 hours and 45 minutes. This train also plies in the route of Zurich-Basel-Mulhouse-Paris with 6 trips per day and travelling time of 4 hours 15 minutes from Zurich and 3hrs 3minutes if you have started from Basel. These trains have been renovated to deliver the best service from the summer of 2006.

Initially this TGV Corporation was a group of economic interest between the two organizations SNCF and SBB-CFF-FFS who had the aim of creating and setting up of the TGV service between Paris and Lausanne. And this growth, this corporation is now officially a limited company granted and registered under the French law.

To illuminate more on the TGV Lyria service, these trains also operate from Paris to Switzerland daily and one has the benefit of booking the ticket advance of 90 days of travel. There are two classes of service provided by these trains: one is the Lyria Premiere in which one has the benefit of having a meal served at seat as per the food timings as well as have access to the French, Swiss and all other international magazine which would be available at the time of travelling. One can also access the power sockets at the seats and the international first class passengers also can avail the benefit of ordering free service of a taxi which would be waiting before your arrival. Thus the TGV Lyria train manager will make the taxi reservation and a confirmation slip will be provided. The other class which is found is the Lyria Second class which provides the benefits of snacks and drinks available for purchase and the metro tickets of Paris can be bought from the bar buffet inside the train.

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