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Lusitania Train – Book Lusitania Train train tickets, fares and Lusitania Train train timetable.
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Lusitania Train

Lisbon and Madrid are the two major cities of the Iberian Peninsula, and a visit to Spain and Portugal is incomplete without going to these cities. You have an option to travel to either of them from air or by land. By air the two cities are an hour apart, but the ground security check, and waiting for you luggage, can add substantial time to your travel. If you are called to additional checking, it can be exhausting. The other, more pleasant alternative is the Lusitania Train-Hotel Sleeper Train. Spain has more kilometres of high speed rail tracks than anywhere else in the Europe. The Lusitania train-Hotel is the only direct train service between Madrid and Lisbon each day. It talks around 9 hours to complete its journey. So exploring Spain on these high speeds, clean railway cabins, buffet cars and comfortable reclining seats is a very good choice. Overnight trains are a convenient solution when travelling long distances. You can relax in the comfort of your warm bed, while the train travels effortlessly towards your destination. On arriving in the morning, you can make the most out of your overnight break. The Lusitania Train-Hotel services are one of the most romantic ways to travel overnight from Spain to Portugal. Loved by all train travellers, this train will provide you with the sort of comfort you would struggle to find in most hotels.
You can get substantial discounts if you are travelling with a Europe-rail or Inter-rail pass. By sleeping on the train, you will save the money of spending the night in a hotel. The Lisbon- Madrid Train-Hotel is operated by the Spanish national railways. While travelling from Lisbon to Madrid, the train departs at 10:30 pm and arrives at the Madrid station at 9:03 am. While travelling from Madrid to Lisbon, the train departs at 10:25 pm and arrives at the Lisbon Santa station at 7:41 am. These times are always subject to change, so please check the current timetable while purchasing a ticket. Also keep in mind that the Madrid’s time zone is one hour ahead of Lisbon’s, so do reset your watch before going to bed. The Lusitania Train-Hotel offers different kinds of accommodation classes, in addition to standard seated accommodation. All compartments are suitable for both daytime and evening travel. There are onboard staffs to take care of all your needs. The passengers are permitted to travel with a maximum of three luggage items, with a combined weight of 20kg, including laptops, handbags, etc. The Train-Hotel has both a cafeteria and a restaurant. The cafe offers a wide range of drinks, beverages and sandwiches. The restaurant is a formal dining area where you can order breakfast and dinner. Reservations can be made before boarding the train. Pets may travel on the train, provided they are small animals with a maximum weight of 60kg. All in all the Lusitania Train-Hotel is an excellent choice for travelling between Madrid and Lisbon.

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