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With the advent of technology, the most common means of transport i.e. the trains are getting improved day by day. This improvement has attracted the modern society to use trains as their means of transport. A train that is a great example of technological advancement is Lunea. If you want your journey to be a beautiful one with many memorable experiences then travelling by this train is one of the best choices you would have ever made in your life. In the beginning was a used by the railway company of France as a brand name that denoted the rail services that were available at night. After a few years this name was then given to a train.

The comforts and luxuries provided by this train are enormous while planning for travelling during vacation. You can have a great night’s sleep under the stars and wake up watching the endless blue skies above you. The attractions of the train are the wonderful rooms, air-conditioned cabins, comfy beds along with the provision of bars for refreshment purposes. Another great advantage is that it is very fast and hence saves most of our time. This train usually covers the areas of South, West and East France. It connects the cities of Paris, Nice, Biarritz and Bourg St Maurice. The train usually makes very few stops in between 12:00 am to 5:00 am as a result your sleep at night is peaceful and uninterrupted.

While travelling from Paris to Biarritz the average journey timing is about 10hrs and 28mins and it departs from Paris at 10:12 pm. From Paris to Nice the average journey time is about 11hrs and 33mins and departure from Paris takes place at 9:23 pm and from Paris to Bourg St Maurice the average journey time is 9hrs and 20 mins and the train departs from Paris at 11:12 pm. Now the price charged by the train is about 63 pounds. However, the train network connects many more cities than described above. Here you need to make reservations before starting your journey. You can have your ticket booked before 3 months from your departure. While travelling in Lunea you need to validate your ticket. This can be done by some yellow machines that are generally situated on the platform and are marked with compostage de billets. In that machine you need to insert your ticket like the way you use your debit cards to take out money. During your journey the inspection officers check as to whether you have validated your train ticket or not and if it is not done then they can fine you. After your ticket has been checked by the officer then you can travel peacefully.

Lunea has proved to be one of the most comfortable means of transport where one can have an amazing experience during travelling. The accommodation costs being cheaper and the duration of journey being less, more and more people are now opting to travel in this train.

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