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The brand name ICE is best known is Germany and it is a system or collection of high speed trains in Austria, Denmark and mostly is Germany. There are five versions of this brand called as ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE 3, ICE TD, ICE T. The ICE 1 was deployed in the year of 1991 and the other versions were deployed in the year of 1996, 1999, 1999, and 2001-2003 respectively. With the domestic services in Germany, it has explored its growth in the neighboring countries as well. This train service came into existence in the year of 1985 and was being worked by Deutsche Bundesbahn and it recorded the speed of 406.9 km/hr which is the world speed record. But then it was retired and officially it was inaugurated again in 29th May, 1991, ICE intercity express S is the new version or brand of this category of trains.

With a speed of 200 miles per hour, this train connects all the major German cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich etc. these trains feature comforting amenities including reclining seats with built in tables with an audio and video system as well as the laptop and tablet connections as well it is fully air-conditioned. There are four intercity trains plying daily between the Brussels. With direct trains to Aachen, Cologne, and Frankfurt, this serves the best service to the local people of the Germany. Regarding the technical aspects of the intercity express, the length which is a 3 car set is 96.6m long and weight of around 194 tones. Blended regenerative electric and electro-pneumatic braking system is also used which helps in preventing accidents. The seating capacity of this express is 180 and the standing capacity is 344, thus limited number of seats is available and that only seems to be the disadvantage that is found in the services provided by the ICE. With closed circuit televisions installed, passengers feel safe to travel as well as the Public Address system is also installed which has its own advantages.

There are two classes of status in this express. One is the first class and the other is the second class. The first class provides leather chairs and more room for legs and the coaches also offer on screen news and collection of international newspapers which help in gathering information along with travelling. The passengers in this class can access the Deutsche Bahn lounges as well as the snacks, meals and beverages are served directly at the seat. The passengers who travel in the second class have their own benefits such as they have comfortable seats but the space for legs is less.  Every seat bears a headphone connection and a carriage is also present where the children can have a play time in the train during the trip. The Bar buffet and the Panorama Lounge are accessible to all the passengers on board and the DB lounges as well where free coffee and beverages are served. Thus the ICE provides the best service one can have while travelling inside Germany and the neighboring countries.

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