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Eurostar Ski Train

If you are in Europe and enjoy skiing, then you can make your plans without the ache of the plane. It is very easy to reach the French ski resorts like the Les Arcs and other resorts by the special Euro-star ski train. The Euro-star direct ski train runs twice weekly, during the ski season. In fact it is a better option than talking a plane. If you take the planes then you have to go through the tedious process of airport security, wait for your luggage to arrive and then take a 3 hour bus ride from the airport. The Euro-star train will drop you at walking distance from a ski resort. The Euro-star is an overnight service that departs the St Pancras on Friday evening and comes back on Saturday evening to arrive back on Sunday morning. The direct daytime train departs on Saturday morning and return journey departs Saturday morning to arrive back Saturday evening. On busy weekends extra train services are scheduled, like during the half term (9th and 17th Feb) and during Easter (6th and 13th April).
The Euro-star daytime ski train is the best option. It travels from London to the French Alps. If you buy the standard Premium seats then you are offer complimentary lunch, afternoon tea and drinks. You get to view the great scenery along the way, and you will reach the Alps by evening. You can choose between the standard class starting from 149 pounds and the first class (Standard Premium class) starting from 229 pounds. Both these include the cost of the return ticket as well, with no hidden extras. The Standard premium is offers complimentary alcoholic drinks. There are two cafe bar cars open for all passengers. You can also bring your own food and drink, if you prefer to eat home cooked food. You are also allowed to bring your own wine, but it is limited to one wine bottle per person or four bottles of bear per person. The Euro-star train service does not charge for your snowboard, skies, or other skiing equipments. All your luggage and skiing equipments are stored in a separate compartment. Transfers from stations to the resorts are not included in the train ticket price. But you can easily find a bus or taxi near the station. Car rental is also available. The overnight train service does not include convertible seats, or couchettes or sleepers. It is a normal Euro-star train service. The Standard class seats do not recline, and even the first class seats recline to a limited amount. It is not particularly a comfortable journey, so it is better to take the daytime train service.  The Euro-star ski train service has proved to be very popular over the years. The seats get booked very fast. The booking of tickets starts in late July. The train journey will become a part of your holiday, due to the great atmosphere on the Euro-star train service.

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