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In modern society, everyone is busy with his or her professional work. In this fast-moving world if a thing is slow then it becomes intolerable. Every person needs to get to work as soon as possible and as the prices of petrol and diesel are rising exponentially people prefer high speed trains in order to travel long distances. Among the many high speed trains, Eurostar Italia is one that provides us with very attractive services which hardly a person can refuse. The word Eurostar was utilized under Iveco’s license. This name was utilized for naming one of the trucks. Though they have the same name, there is no relationship between the one that is a truck and the one that is a train. In recent days, this train is now called as Le Frecce and is now one of the high speed trains that operates in Italy. There are basically about three of these trains that have their own route to operate.

Eurostar Italia operates on areas connecting Turin and Salerno and also has link with other major cities like Rome and Milan. This train also provides a link between Rome and Ravenna and also from Rome to Reggio Calabria. The three different trains in which Eurostar Italia is divided are namely Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca. These trains have different areas that they connect. ETR 460 is another train which is used for Eurostar service.

The various attracting features this train has are that it has Air-conditioned cabins, you can avail refreshment that are given by coffee bars that are present in the train or else you can go to the restaurant car where you can avail all kinds of meals or snacks. If you are having a first class reservation then there are some complimentary snacks and beverages provided for you. In case you are travelling in the morning a newspaper will be provided to you. There are also services that allow you to watch movies or listen to songs. The seats are very well maintained and have cushions that allow being comfortable. In case you want to take a nap, you can push your seat backwards and take rest. The professional staffs present on the train are very knowledgeable persons. They ensure that every passenger travelling on the train is comfortable and there are no problems. They make sure that you are safe and when your stoppage arrives they give a wakeup call so that you might not miss it.

The fare of this train varies from destination to destination. From Rome to Venice it will cost you an average about 103 US dollars, from Rome to Florence it will cost you about 66 dollars, while from Milan to Rome it will cost you about 103 dollars. These statistics shows that the rates are reasonable and affordable. Moreover, with such rates, the amount of services are provided is more than it’s worth. So if you want to reach your destination quickly having a comfortable journey this train will be the best choice.

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