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If you have the craze of high speed trains, then you must know about the Eurocity. If not, then you are not much passionate about your craze. It is the only high speed train that has direct connectivity between the United Kingdom, France and Belgium via the route of channel tunnel. It was started in the year of 1994. The channel tunnel is owned by the company Eurotunnel and thus Eurocity is the only train to directly connect the place. Ever since the service started it has carried over 130 million passengers. It plies in the route of Paris, Belgium, Brussels, Lille, Calais, and Disneyland Paris. Even seasonal train run to the southern France mostly in the winter as skiing becomes the favorite sport in the winter season. With the introduction of business lounges and loyalty programs, Eurocity provides more advantages than its competitors. Till the year of 2010, it was operated jointly by the France national railway company, SNCF and NMBS/SNCB. it also has the airline services and has become the dominant operator in cross channel intercity passengers.  Eurocity on the date of 1st September 2010 was incorporated as Eurocity international limited as a single company. The franchises of this company are LCR which owns 40%, SNCF which owns 55% and NMBS/SNCB with 5% share of the company.

The Eurocity services were launched in the year of 1994 between waterloo international station in London and it plied between Paris and also in Brussels. There was a dramatic development in the speed of the train, with 175kmph in the year of 1995 and now the train can reach the maximum speed of 300kmph. The Eurocity plies in the route of London to Paris daily with a travel time of 2hrs 15minutes and from London to Brussels with a traveling time of 2 hours and to Lille with a time of 1hour and 20minutes.

The Eurocity services are employed in the route of LGV Nord which is a 333km rail line which connects borders of Paris and Belgium. The channel tunnel is the main route as that connects the United Kingdom and the continent of Europe. It also plies on the HSL 1 line which is an 88km high speed line and thus the travelling speed has increased and the time has decreased. In the London to Paris route is does 8 round trips per day and especially in the Fridays. There is also an extra return trip from London to the Disneyland of Paris and also in the winter twice weekly snow trains to the Alps.

The Eurocity in its early days had its price sky high and with time it has eventually decreased. The cheapest fare in the year 2002 was 50 pounds from London to Paris or to Brussels. But again in the year of 2009, the budgets of the tickets were increased to maintain and grow its market share. These services have more advantages over its competitors such as up to 80% less carbon dioxide emissions rather than flying and with appropriate policies of compensation for cancellation.

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