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Elipsos Trenhotel

In modern world, trains are the most essential means of transport in the society. They are cheap, provide comfort, and help us to reach our destination in the stipulated time. The train networks are inter-connected with the cities all over the world. This form of transport has been one of the most common means of transport as prices of petrol and diesel are rising exponentially. The government is now trying to increase the comfort levels of the trains by improving its interior and other facilities available. A similar improvement has been done a Spanish company named Elipsos where it managed the logistics of the Elipsos Trenhotel. A Trenhotel is a train that travels long distances and uses the technology of sleeping cars and the very famous talgo tilting technology. The operating areas of Elipsos are within Italy, France and Switzerland.

Some attractive features of the Elipsos Trenhotel are that the compartments of the train are fully secured; you will have your personal keycard so that the cabin is accessed by you only. The adjacent cabins do not have a connecting door because the two bathrooms occupy the wall between the two compartments; there is a bed that occupies the other side of the wall. You can have a very cool, easy and a comfortable journey overnight if you travelling through Spain and France if you avail this train service. The comfortable beds and rooms and the highly qualified staff will ensure that there is no problem regarding your comfort levels. They also ensure that you woke up and are ready for the stop. This trenhotel is almost similar to be in a hotel except that it is a travelling one.

The most popular train network of the Elipsos Trenhotel is between Madrid, Paris and Barcelona. If you want to travel from Barcelona to Paris the fare is Rs12,077 and from Madrid to Paris the fare is Rs13,308. However, the fare may vary from time to time depending on the amount of service provided like the four-berth sleepers of Turista are far cheaper compared to the others. It has the same features as that of the common Trenhotel except that it does not have a secure keycard lock system so you have to either keep the cabin door unlocked or else you may a

The departure time of this trenhotel from Barcelona is 11:54 am and it travels overnight till it reaches Paris. Similarly the departure time from Madrid is about 3:00 pm and here also overnight travel takes place. However, one can choose a suitable time while booking tickets. There are a number of websites through which we can book tickets like the renfe website for the Spanish railways, for French railways there is tgv-europe and many more. Some accept credit cards and some accept seventy percent of other cards. So, if you are looking for comfort and want to have an enjoyable journey then it is advised to use this train.

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