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City Night Line – Book City Night Line train tickets, fares and City Night Line train timetable.
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City Night Line

The City Night Line is a European rail service completely owned by the German railways. They operate in several different routes, which include the Paris-Berlin, Paris-Munich, Paris-Hamburg, Amsterdam-Prague, Amsterdam-Copenhagen, Amsterdam-Munich, Amsterdam-Zurich, Zurich-Prague and Copenhagen-Prague. It offers three types of accommodation to its passengers: The sleeper class, the couchettes and the ordinary class. The sleeper class is the most comfortable and expensive accommodation. There is a deluxe sleeper compartment available, which is slightly more expensive than the sleeper compartment. The couchettes are economical option. The ordinary class compartments have six seats, which do not convert into beds. For a long night journey, it is not too comfortable.
Usually a City Night Line has nine sleeper compartment and three deluxe compartments. Each compartment either has one, two or three beds. The sleeper cars have a washbasin and toilet at the nearby corridor while the deluxe compartment has individual showers and toilets. The deluxe compartments are slightly larger than the sleeper class. The passenger of the deluxe class are give complementary wine on arrival, a bottle of mineral water, complementary soaps, towels, shower gel, etc and breakfast the following morning. The sleeper compartments are slightly smaller. The passengers are given keys for the toilet and washbasin present in the corridor. It is to prevent the economy class people from using them. You will be given a breakfast box and tea in your compartment the following morning. Towels will be given, and other complimentary items like soap, toothpaste, etc will be present in the washroom. Each bed of the sleeper and deluxe class comes with a pillow, sheets, blanket, a reading lamp and a charging point for your mobiles and laptops. There is a sleeper car attendant to take care of your needs. You can give them your ticket before you go to sleep, so that the ticket inspector won’t disturb you while you are sleeping. Your tickets will be returned to you in the following morning. The couchettes are slightly economical class. It has simple beds that are similar to bed bunks. You have a choice to book a 4 person couchette or a six person couchette. The 4 person couchette is slightly expensive but the room becomes less crowed and it is definitely worth paying for. Each bed is given a pillow, a blanket and a reading lamp. There is attendant present to convert your bed into seats in the morning. Washrooms and toilets are present at the corridor. Women who travel alone can book a women’s only couchette. The economy class has 6 reclining seats in one compartment, but no attendant to attend your needs or any locks for the compartment. There is a restaurant car where passengers can have light snacks and drinks, even heavy meals. You can give your order to the car attendant, who will bring the food to your compartment. As a whole the City Night Line is a comfortable medium to travel in the night. You can book your preferred compartment either online or at the train station.

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