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In the world high speed railways the AVE Train has surpassed all others. AVE is the abbreviation of Alta Velocidad Espanola which is a rail that runs at a very high speed. It is generally found in Spain under the operation of RENFE. The speed up to which it can travel is about 193miles per hour. As per the recent statistics, the AVE system of Spanish government is considered to be the longest network of HSR in the whole of Europe and it is considered as the third longest network in the whole world. The rail track where other high and mid speed railway services operate, there also this train operates. In the beginning when this train was opened for the people, it connected cities of Cordoba, Madrid and Seville. While the rest of the trains are using the broad gauge network of Spanish, this train utilizes the standard gauge network as a result allows direct connections outside Spain. If you are a tourist in Spain and want to have a good look of the wonders that are available in Spain then you can have your experience by travelling in this train.

The AVE Train is mostly famous for its high speed, the train fares are very normal and reasonable and the schedules are also flexible. The most popular routes of AVE connect the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza and Cordoba. While travelling from Madrid to Barcelona, the duration of the journey is about 2hrs and 43 mins, from Madrid to Seville the average duration is about 2 hrs and 20 mins, from Madrid to Cordoba, the average time taken by the train is about 1hr and 45mins, and finally from Madrid to Zaragoza it takes an average time of 1hr and 50mins. The famous AVE Stations are Madrid Puerta De Atocha and Sevilla Santa Justa. For most of the savvy travelers this train has proved to be the most ideal form of transport.

The AVE Train also provides other luxuries that attract the people like the seats are designed in contemporary style and are paired in order to give you the comfort you require. In the comfort class you could have a feeling of elegance and there is also a spare room, a room for the head, a room for the leg and also an elbow room. There is also the provision of electrical ports so that in case you want to charge your laptop or mobile phones you can do it. Audio and video services are also provided to keep you entertained. In case you get hungry you can always buy snacks and meals and the price is very reasonable also. There are also complimentary drinks and beverages that are provided to the passengers to keep them refreshed. There are also many services that are provided on board like personal video and audio services, provision of complimentary newspapers and allowing people to go to lounges of AVE. So, if you are willing to avail all the services you can book your ticket as soon as possible.

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