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Hertz Corporation is one of the first names that come to a person’s mind when the question of car hiring or car rental comes to a traveler’s mind. The Hertz Corporation is one of the most versatile and trusted American car rental companies which is a subsidiary under the Hertz Global Holdings Inc. Hertz Rent a Car operation has been known to provide exceptional quality service since over 90 years and is still amongst the top three preferred rental companies across the world. This company has a worldwide presence by operating in destinations across nearly 145 nations effortlessly. The headquarters of the Hertz Corporation are located in Park Ridge in New Jersey, USA.

The Hertz Corporation has tie ups with most of the major motor vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, Mercedes and GM but majority of its fleet comes from General Motors(GM) products. Hertz Corporation’s fleet of luxury cars have been obtained from brands like Infiniti, Mercedes and Cadillac. Hertz had a previous affiliation with the Ford Company due to which at several locations where Hertz operated, there existed fleet of Ford car and cars from its brands like the Mercury, Lincoln, Mazda as well as Volvo and also had a few Korean and Japanese cars among the others.

Several specialized branches of Hertz target and provide attention to various special needs of the vehicle hiring population. One among them is the Hertz Local Edition® which aims to provide quick local as well as insurance replacement rentals in the immediate neighborhood of the customer. The Hertz Equipment Rental is one of the leading providers in the supply of heavy construction related vehicles and equipments and also facilitates the availability of tool rentals as well as sales. If you wish to acquire a year old car or vehicle, Hertz Car Sales® chooses one from the fleet of Hertz Corporation and offers it at extremely low prices. In case a traveler or customer is moving across the town or if they are involved in making pretty large deliveries, then they can use the help of Hertz Truck and Van Rental which does all the work in half the time and effort required in other cases. So no matter what the need, whether the need to find a good car for renting or selling, whether it is for construction or for making deliveries, Hertz Corporation , its employees and its website is always at the customer’s service. Hertz also has an app with intuitive design and easy interface that offer deals, speedy bookings etc.


Company Address:
Hertz House - Vine Street
11 Vine Street
Uxbridge , UB8 1QE
United Kingdom

Customer Care (UK): 0207 365 33 69

Mon-Fri 0830-1730 (GMT)

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