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Oxford Tube has coaches every ten minutes, every hour of the day, and you won’t ever have to wait too long to get to London or Oxford. You can expect total comfort when you’re traveling between the two cities. There is Wi-Fi in every coach, and you can check your emails while you’re riding. What could be nicer for an academic or business traveler?

Routes & Destinations

Oxford Tube offers transportation to and from Hillingdon, Lewknor, London, and Oxford. There are special rates for students, young people, people under 16, people over 60, and groups.

The travel time is approximately one hour and 40 minutes from Oxford to London or London to Oxford. You will depart from Gloucester Green bus station in Oxford to get to London. You would depart from Buckingham Palace Road in London to get to Oxford.

Travel time will vary based on the conditions on the road, as well.

There is a detailed chart with travel times for specific days on the official website.

Oxford Tube buses and coaches depart from and arrive at certain locations within London and Oxford. There is a full chart of the arrival and departure points, with maps, that can be seen on the Tube Stops part of the website.

Tickets & Prices

A single adult ticket costs £15. An adult return ticket on the same day or next day costs £18. An adult return ticket within three months costs £15. A nightrider ticket where you go after 3 PM and return before midnight on the next day costs £15. A Tube 12 ticket where you get 12 singles to use within one year costs £70.

The rates for the same tickets cost £11, £13, £15, £11, and £60, respectively for students, young people from ages 16-26, and people over 60.

Group ticket prices are £35 for a return ticket on the same day or next day and v40 for a return ticket within three months.


You can get unlimited travel on the Oxford Tube, as well as Stagecoach buses in Oxfordshire and Oxford City.

An unlimited travel pass for an adult is priced at £55, £97, £180, £465, and £1165 for one week, two weeks, four weeks, 13 weeks, and for one year, respectively. The reduced children’s pass prices are £30, £110, £330, and £950, respectively.

There is no two-week pass option for children.

You can get more detailed information about prices on the Tube Fares part of the website.

How to Purchase Tickets

You can purchase tickets on the official website, over the phone, from the bus driver in cash, at a coach station, or at Thornhill park&ride. You can purchase a ticket at Gloucester Green or London Victoria.

What Kinds of Amenities Do the Coaches Offer?

There are a number of amenities on the coaches that are designed to make travel more comfortable for the passengers that include the following:

• Extra legroom
• Nearly 90 seats
• A deck that will let you get a great view of Oxford/London
• A/C
• Washroom & toilet facilities
• Power outlets for portable devices
• Special space set aside for wheelchair users
• Step-free, low floor entry point
• Free Wi-Fi on all coach cars

As you can see, there are a number of amenities that are designed to make travel really great for passengers – at least comfortable. If you’re concerned about not having a great travel experience, you don’t have to worry with Oxford Tube. Unlike other coach operators and bus services you might have used in the past, Oxford Tube makes every effort to make their customers as satisfied as possible with their service.

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