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Megabus UK is the leading budget inter-city low-cost coach operator in North America, Europe, and the UK. It is a part of Stagecoach Group, an international transport group, and they offer greener and smarter travel at better prices. The Megabus service, which was first started in the UK in 2003, offers super cheap prices on fares. They offer fares across the UK and most of Europe including Brussels, Amsterdam, Boulogne, and Paris. Connecting together 60 locations, giving low-cost, high-quality travel in a lot of the country’s most modern coaches and handling in excess of two million passengers each year. They also operate a low-cost rail service in the UK, which gives great value train travel. Megabus connects about 30 locations in the UK on the Virgin Trains networks, East Midlands Trains, and West Trains. Bus tickets can be booked online for coach services.

History of Megabus Routes in UK:

Megabus started services from London to Oxford on 4 August 2003. More routes like Edinburgh to Glasgow and Perth, Glasgow to Dundee, Manchester to Liverpool and Leeds were added after some months. In 2004, many more routes were added which connected Birghton, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham and some other cities to London. Oxford to Cambridge route were added in 2005 and Nottingham, Worthing and Winchester were added 3 months later.
A joint venture Megabus and Scottish Citylink started services in Scotland which replaced around 900 Motorvator services. Some of the above mentioned services ceased to exists after losing contract to rival National Express. Many more services were included between 2006 and 2009.

In April 2012, Megabus UK started services from Birmingham and London to Paris and from Leicester and London to Brussels and Amsterdam. This begins connection from UK cities to Europe. Megabus also provides bus services between Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. A route between Cologne, Brussels, Gent and London was started in 2013 and another between London, Paris, Toulouse and Barcelona in 2014.    

Megabusplus – A combination of Megabus and Megatrain:

Megatrain provide intercity train services on some of the East Midland and South West train routes. Both of these trains are operated by Stagecoach. The innovative coach-rail service Megabusplus, is the only one of its kind in the UK. It gives passengers an integrated, fast journey between London, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire with a high-quality and comfortable coach train, offered by east Midland trains.

Megabus Gold and Sleeper Coaches:

Megabus Gold is a luxury coach service provided by Megabus network. They provide sleeper services with luxurious seating arrangement and facilities.

Luggage Allowance on Megabus Services:

Megabus baggage limit of 25 kg and maximum size of bag they accept is 200cm (width + height + depth). You can carry more than one bag provided that combined size doesn’t exceed the given limit and combined weight doesn’t exceed given limit. Small hand bags are allowed if they fit on passenger’s lap or under the seat. Before travelling by Megabus coaches check your luggage size and weight as they can refuse anything above limit.

Passengers with disabilities on Megabus:

Megabus provide assistance services to disable persons (people using wheelchairs or with other walking problems). If you can climb into the bus, you can get your wheelchair stored as luggage and their staff will help you to get to your seat. However if you need to remain on wheelchair, you should call to their customer service at +44 (0) 141 332 9644. Their support staff will check the availability of space on the bus of your desired route and book if available.

Bus Stops:

There is a section on the website where you can view information and maps for each of the pick-up and drop-off locations. You can choose where you’re leaving from and where you’re travelling to from easy little pull-down menus. It couldn’t be any simpler to find out where bus stops in the city you’re journeying from to the city you’re travelling to.

There is also a section on the website where you can keep up with the most recent information about what’s happening on the network, including changes and disruptions to Megabus routes.

Search & Buy:

You can use the advanced search tool to buy seats and view schedules. Choose the number of passengers, dates, and travel locations. You can select the country, where you’re leaving from, where you’re travelling to, what you’re travelling by, the outbound date, the return date, and the promotion code.

The Megabus Network:

You can travel to Manchester, Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow with the Megabus coach service. Let’s take a look at the coach service to Manchester as an example to illustrate what Megabus can give you. You can jump on a bus to one of the most beloved cities in Northern England, and land in Manchester for a whole week, a weekend, or just an evening. Whether you’re going from London to Manchester or coming on down from the north, take a coach to Manchester with Megabus.

You can also look around Manchester with Megabus. Manchester is many different things to different people – the 24 hour party capital of the UK, a family fun adventure destination, and a cultural hub. Whatever part of Manchester you like, Megabus can take you right into the center of the city without costing an arm and a leg. You can also jump on a Megabus from Manchester to other European destinations for a sliver of the cost. Connecting the UK to Bologne, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris, you might soon be tanning on a relaxing day out in the city. You can depart from almost any city in the UK, not just Manchester.

Changing a Reservation at

If you have a reservation with and you want to change it, you can do so 24 hrs before the date and time of travel. Log in to the website and go to ‘Manage Reservations’ and ‘Modify Bookings’. There is a fee of 1 GBP on modifying bookings.  


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Killermont St
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Customer Care (UK): 0900 1600 900

Open Sunday-Saturday 07:00 to 22:00

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