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Megabus is a long-distance coach service owned by Stagecoach. It began to operate in 2003, firs tin the United Kingdom, and in less than ten years it was offering service to Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and Ireland.

Ticket and Ticket Prices

Fares begin at £1, and the company uses a yield management structure with the lowest ticket prices given for booking in advance and on trips that are less popular. Usually, only the first several seats are priced at £1.

Tickets can be purchased in advance on the Megabus website or over the phone. Individuals will get a reservation number, and they will be asked to show the driver this before they get onboard. There are only a few services on which can be purchased on the vehicle, with just a few Scottish services offering it.

What Is MegabusGold?

MegabusGold is luxury travel day and night. What does that mean, though? What is the Gold experience? The Gold experience is a whole new idea in relaxing coach travel.

MegabusGold includes overnight sleeper services with a luxury daytime travel network offering you with free Wi-Fi, complimentary refreshments, power sockets, tables, and leather seats. There is a video on the website that offers you a tour of the MegabusGold service.


MegabusGold has stops in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Dunfermline, Inverkiething, Plymouth, Aviemore, Cumbernauld, Edinburgh, Inverness, Birmingham, Cwmbran, Falkirk, London, Bristol, Dundee, Glasgow, and Perth.

To explore any stop, just choose the location on the interactive map on the official website at. You can get stop, destination, and service information when you’ve chosen a location.


MegabusGold goes to destinations that include Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, London, and Plymouth. There are detailed profiles on each city on the website, and it’s a unique feature that many commercial websites don’t offer. Learning all about the cities that you could travel to is a fun way to spend an hour or so. You just might end up wanting to visit a city that you knew nothing about – until you read about it on the MegabusGold website.

Onboard Facilities:

MegabusGold offers a range of onboard facilities that include free Wi-Fi, power, and refreshments. MegabusGold is the nicest way to travel by bus in the UK, and it is worth purchasing. The program offers both day & night service.

How to Book a Journey

In order to book a journey, just use the “Search and Buy” box on the site. Input the number of passengers, specifiying if there are any non-standard kinds of passengers, before choosing your destination and departure points. You can look at the maps of every location by selecting “Our Routes” and then “MegabusGold Network”. If you can’t the journey you want, just visit for more details. Then, select the dates you want to travel (just leave the return date empty if you are just going one way) before selecting “search”. You will then get a list of journey results for the criteria you’ve input. Once you are ok with your journey selection, just click “Add to Basket”. You can then either go on to payment through the booking process or you can continue to add more journeys to your basket before you make a payment.

Please keep in mind that all passengers that are travelling under the same reservation number have to get on the bus together. If you are taking the bus after midnight, please make sure that you have selected the right date of travel.

There is nothing else you have to do. All you have to do is show up for your journey. As far as the website goes, that is all you have to do.

Megabus gold

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